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Major Trends Reshaping Call Center Market

The call center market has been evolving with changing dynamics, but after the emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic, there have been many changes in this industry. There are many trends that have become the driving factors of the call center market.

In this blog post, we will share major trends that reshape the call center market.

1. Remote call centers

Remote call centers have been in existence for many years in the call center market. The pandemic increased the number of remote call centers. While working remotely, many call centers realized the benefits of operating in a remote environment and decided to stay remote. To meet these needs, the call center software providers like Elision have launched add-ons and tools to benefit remote call centers. Work from Home add-on is one of the most efficient and feature-rich add-ons that support remote call center operations. It gets integrated within a call center solution to let agents work remotely in any condition. DialShree Mobi is a mobile app with call center software features for agents to work remotely.

2. Cloud call center solutions

Along with remote call centers, cloud call center solutions are also one of the leading trends in the call center market. A cloud call center solution has a complete contact center suite to offer. In addition to that, it offers multiple other benefits, including, cost-saving, high scalability, flexibility, etc.

3. Unified systems

Instead of managing multiple different systems and communication channels, nowadays, call centers look for a unified system. An omnichannel contact center solution having unified communication support is in trend and it is reshaping the call center market. In addition to that, integrating major systems used along with the contact center software such as CRM system, IP PBX solution, IT help desk ticking system, etc. to have a unified system is a major trend. It lets call centers use all systems within a single platform to save time and other resources.

4. Artificial intelligence

There is hardly any industry, which is not getting reshaped with artificial intelligence (AI). The call center is one of the industries that have been getting impacted by different AI tools. Some of the common AI tools reshaping the call center market are Text to Speech (TTS), voice analytics, call center chatbots, call center AI agents, etc. All of this has been one of the trends in the call center market and now it has started leading the game.

5. Customer and Agent experience

The customer experience has been a driving factor for some years, but now, agent experience is also gaining a lot of popularity. Agent retention has been as important as customer retention. Lower agent retention causes issues like higher training and recruitment cost, negative impact on customer experience, etc. This is one of the booming trends that have been reshaping the call center market.


There are many trends that have been affecting the call center market, but the aforementioned five major trends have been reshaping the call center market. Many call centers are aware of these trends and have started making changes in their infrastructure and strategy accordingly. The right technology partner is vital here to provide the best call center solution with other required technical features, tools, and support.

We are one of the trusted technology partners of many call centers and other industries, too. We have been offering our call center solution, DialShree, for more than 13 years now. Contact us to schedule a call to discuss more in this regard.

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