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Major Use Cases of Sticky Agent

An advanced call center solution like DialShree possesses many amazing features. Each feature has multiple use cases. In this blog, we are going to share major use cases of one of the advanced features available in the call center solution, called, Sticky Agent.

What is a sticky agent?

It is an advanced call routing feature of a call center solution. It connects a caller to the same agent, every time she/he calls at the call center. As this call routing rule sticks to the same agent, it is known as “Sticky Agent”.

What are the major use cases of a sticky agent?

Many call centers use this feature in only one way. However, there are many use cases of using this feature offered by the advanced call center solution. Let me share some of the major use cases of the sticky agent feature.

To handle VIP customers

All businesses have some or a few VIP (Very Important) customers. The VIP customers can be the customers who have been paying more or using your products for a long. In a bank or similar organizations, a VIP customer is the one that maintains a good balance in the account. To retain them and to deliver an excellent customer experience, it is necessary to build a stronger relationship with them. The sticky agent feature makes sure that the customer is handled by the same agent. As an agent knows the customer very well, he can deliver quick and personalized services.

To handle leads of bigger products

Here big products do not mean heavy products, but it means expensive products such as automotive vehicles, real estate properties, etc. Cold and warm leads need to be handled by the same agent, so the customer feels connected with the person he/she is calling. It also helps in assuring that, the prospective client does not need to share his inquiry if it is a repeat call. To handle this type of case, the sticky agent can be a great feature to use.

To handle frustrated customers with repeat issue

Some customers do not get a resolution or proper guidance related to their queries. Sometimes, it happens that the resolution can take time and the customer needs to be patient. If the customer is facing similar issues and he is calling repetitively to the call center, the best option is to connect him with the same agent. This helps in reducing frustration or at least stopping the case of adding fuel to his anger.

To retain customers who are all set to switch to the competitor

Sometimes customers made up their mind to switch to your competitor. In this case, adding a senior staff and using the sticky agent feature of a call center solution can help you win the customer back. The senior agent can give an instant discount or some other options to assure that customers get the required attention and support and they do not leave your company.

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