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Must Evaluate Metrics in Call Center Solution to Improve Performance

Just like any business, call center business owners also strive to improve performance of their staff and overall business so they can assure the success of their call center.

The tough part here is often the business owners are clueless about the possible actions to be taken in this direction despite the fact they usually use one of the best call center software. The reports in the call center solution are often considered as bread and butter for the definite success in call center.

The reports provide many useful metrics to the call center owners and managers which help in identifying possible weaknesses which are working as roadblocks in the way of growth. In this blog post, I will share about top 3 metrics that call center owners can use to improve performance which improve revenues and ROI as well.

1. Call Queue Time

The call queue time and average call queue time are two metrics available in the call center solution. The call queue time has to be as less as possible to deliver the best customer experience. If the call queue time is too long or considerably long like 4 minutes or more, then the customers are more likely to hang up the call or get frustrated.

If you call queue time average is more than 4 minutes, you must understand this is the time to increase the number of agents in the call center and number of seats in the call center solution.

2. Call Wrap-up Time

The call wrap up time is an amazing metric to measure the performance of individual agents as well as performance of the call center. The call wrap up time can be viewed agent wise and overall. This metric in the call center software share average time taken by the agent(s) to answer the queries of the customer and resolve their concern.

As you have guessed, the call wrap up time has to be as low as possible. The less call wrap up time shows the expertise of your agents in giving satisfactory solution. If the number of average call wrap up time is very high, you must look for the problems faced by agents in resolving the concerns of the customer and provide effective solution so this number can be improved.

3. Percentage of Call Handled

The agents usually handle calls all the time and when they are not attending a call, they punch break or logout options available in the call center solution. There are also other possible scenarios in the call center industry in which the calls are transferred to the agents, but they don’t or better to say couldn’t answer the calls.

The percentage of calls handled shows the percentage value of the number of calls he / she actually answered from the number of calls routed to the agents. This metric must have a high number. If it is low, the agent is not giving his / her 100% and you need to take necessary steps.

These are the top 3 metrics easily available in the report section of the call center software and the call center business owners can use to measure and improve performance.

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