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5 Must Have Features for Customer Support in 2023

Customer support has become one of the most crucial operations of businesses in 2023. The increasing competition, compressing profit margins, and difficulty in converting leads have enforced companies to retain their clients. The role of a well defined customer support strategy can help in increasing customer retention rate.

One of the important aspects of a winning customer support strategy in 2023 is to use a feature-rich call center solution. This call center software must have some important features to support your customer care campaigns in 2023.

To help you select the best call center software to support your customer care platform, you must have the features mentioned in this article by the top call center software provider:

1. Omnichannel communication support

In 2023, customers use multiple communication channels to communicate with businesses and their providers. From SMS for a short communication to social media like Twitter and Facebook to share their frustration about a bad experience, a whole range of communication channels are used by customers.

To stay up in your customer support game, you will have to use an omnichannel contact center solution that provides unified communication support.

2. ACD rules

The contact center software for customer care must have all advanced automatic call distribution (ACD) rules such as:

  • Sticky agent to connect the client with the same agent every time he calls for the support
  • Skill-based call routing to connect the customer with the most skilled agent to increase the first call resolution (FCR) rate and reduce average call duration.

These two call routing strategies of a cloud contact center solution also help in reducing call queues by effectively and quickly handling major customer concerns.

3. Call transfer

It is likely that an agent doesn’t know the answer to all questions, or in some cases, it gets difficult for an agent to handle an angry customer. In this case, a call center solution must provide blind and attended call transfer features, so the agent can transfer the call to another agent or supervisor.

4. AI voice analysis

Automation is another necessary feature to speed up customer support activities. An AI voice analysis tool for call centers automates the process of monitoring customer service quality. This also scores each call so weak areas can be detected and training to improve customer support can be given to the agents.

5. Reports and live statistics

The call center solution must also have reports and live dashboards to give a complete view of ongoing customer support campaigns. This can help supervisors to measure the top KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and measure the success and failure of the customer support campaigns. This data can be used to define further steps to improve customer support strategy in 2023.

These are the top features, which are must-have in your contact center software to provide excellent customer services in 2023.

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