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Omnichannel Call Center KPIs You Must Measure

Omnichannel call center solutions are widely in use. In fact, it is the demand of customers. They need to have preferred communication channels to reach your sales or support team. If you are using a call center solution, you will need certain approaches. One of them is KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

To assure the expected or nearby performance and to improve even further, each call center measures KPIs. Generally, KPIs can be measured using the reports and live monitoring features available in the call center solution.

According to the objectives, call centers define, monitor, and improve certain predefined KPIs. For many years, there are some commonly used KPIs. However, there is a shift in technology and consumer demand. Thus, call centers also need to shift the KPIs. In simple words, when you use an omnichannel call center solution, you also need to change your KPIs.

Let’s explore the top KPIs you must measure while using an omnichannel solution:

1. Campaign-wise usage of the communication channel

This is the first and foremost KPI to be added to the list of other KPIs you have. You are using an omnichannel call center solution for a reason. One of the reasons to use it is increasing response rate and customer satisfaction. Thus, it is necessary to monitor the performance of each communication channel.

An objective to monitor this KPI is to inspect which communication channel is giving better results and customer satisfaction. According to the performance indicators, a call center can enforce the use of a specific communication channel. One more thing to be kept in mind is measuring performance as per the campaign. No single channel gives the same performance in all types of campaigns.

For example, if you are selling products, people will use live chat to connect with the salesperson if they have any queries related to purchase. On the other hand, customers with major issues are more likely to call the customer care center or send an email. Thus, it is necessary to measure this KPI for each campaign separately.

2. First Contact Resolution (FCR) ratio per communication channel

In the traditional time, when call center solution used to come with only an audio calling feature, FCR used to stand for First Call Resolution. However, in the era of omnichannel call center solution and contact center software suite, FCR stands for First Contact Resolution. It means regardless of the communication channel, what the ratio of FCR is. It can be an important KPI to measure to examine the success of employing omnichannel call center software.

3. Channel wise abandoned rate

Abandoned rate means measuring how many customers left before getting the required resolutions or connecting with an agent. Measuring KPI to inspect channel-wise abandoned rate can help in identifying communication channels, which are poor in performance and should be improved or removed.

These are the top three KPIs to be used by the omnichannel call center software users.

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