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3 Proven Ways to Increase Call Connect Rate in 2023

Communication is an integral part of many businesses. In fact, for some industries like BPO, KPO, call centers, etc. communication is the main operation. In this type of business, it becomes necessary to use tools that can help in increasing the call connect rate.

The call connect rate defines the success of not only a campaign, but also a business. Thus, it becomes necessary to invest resources to increase the call connect rate in 2023.

What is the call connect rate?

It is one of the important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). It measures an average of the total number of calls got connected with actual users out of the total number of dialed numbers.

The call connect rate is an important KPI because if a call doesn’t get connected to the customer or prospective customer, there cannot be any conversation and without having a conversation, there is no practical option to convert goals, which can increase sales, collection, etc.

Which are the proven ways to increase the call connect rate in 2023?

There are multiple ways to increase the call connect rate in 2023 such as:

1. Use a call center solution with smart dialing features

Nowadays, you can find the best call center solution or cloud contact center solution, which offers advanced features including artificial intelligence-driven features. You need to use the best call center software that supports smart auto dialing features such as:

  • Predictive dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • Power dialer
  • Auto dialer

You must use the right auto dialing feature depending on the type of campaign and target audience.

2. Use verified number by Truecaller business

The use of free caller ID apps has become common these days. Truecaller is one of the most widely used caller ID apps these days. With billions of users, it has become one of the favorite caller ID apps for many businesses. You must verify your business number with this app. This will give you the following to present a more trustworthy brand:

  • Business name and logo
  • Verification badge and tick mark and
  • Green highlight

There will be some more features available to you that can help you increase your call connect rate up to 75%.

To verify your number with Truecaller, contact us.

3. Use the local area code in your phone number

People lead busy lives, which makes it difficult to connect with them. Many companies keep calling people, which makes it difficult for genuine businesses like yours to connect with them. Familiarity and authority can help in increasing connect rate. For this, it would be beneficial to have a DID or phone number that has the area code of the target user. For example, if you are calling USA-based clients, then you must use a +1 number.

These are the proven ways that have helped businesses to increase call connect rate. If you want to boost your call connect rates, you must use local numbers, the right call dialers, and verify your number with Truecaller.

We can help you with our technology solutions, which include the best call center solution with smart call routing and auto dialing strategies, plus, Truecaller business number verification. For further discussion, please contact us.

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