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Slash Your Telephony Costs Drastically with IP PBX System

Voice communication is an essential aspect of your organization’s professional existence which you cannot do away with at any cost. Visualize a situation when you connect with the clients, existing or prospective, through written or electronic media only.

Your client list would start waning as everyone wants a personalized touch in the communications they undertake. This calls for ways to slash the escalating telephone bills. IP PBX Solution is one such novel, innovative way to drastically reduce the expenditures incurred on the monthly telephony account.

Your corporate house would benefit immensely from this cutting edge solution while you would be empowered to harness the power and efficiency of telephone communication.

Advantages Incurred:

IP PBX Management System brings about a convergence of network connections and converts multiple lines into a single channel over which you can execute the business communications while availing a host of useful functionalities.

The solution complies with SIP norms. You, as a customer, come to enjoy an array of inimitable features that were earlier unthinkable of on the conventional telephony line. You can manage calls through an array of state-of-the-art features supported by codec. A multitude of individual call stations can be tuned into.

You have other features at your disposal too. IP telephone Sets that utilizes the internet protocol system to connect to clients over the internet brings down the telephony costs dramatically. A computer pre-loaded with the Soft-Phone software (comprising of webphone and dialer) would be made available.

This could be used for further curbing the burgeoning call costs by availing of the IP calling features. You can also connect to the services by using Analog phones through media hubs; key phones, ISDN and wireless phones.

Features of the System:

You would benefit from an array of functionalities offered over the VoIP PBX solution. The IVR system can be fully tailored to suit your specific requirements.

The voice mails can be given a personal touch and personalized calls can be recorded. Calls can be forwarded and transferred with ease. You can have multiple people in loop and exchange talk through multi party conference calls.

Another feature that stands out is the DID Management. Customized reporting, caller id knowledge, call waiting, dialing by name or by extension, music/ customized message on hold, call parking and 3 way calling are the additional functionalities extended over the system.

If you are a startup or your business is struggling to get a foothold, you can easily optimize your operational costs by opting for cost-effective solutions. The IP PBX provides you with multiple benefits of converged phone and enterprise data lines, voice traffic, economical changes etc.

Your organization can easily scale newer heights of professional success by embracing this cost-effective and powerful communication media for enhanced productivity and ROI.

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