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Smart Grievance Management Solution: Everything You Need to Know

Smart solutions have been making a buzz around the world. The smart grievance management system is one of the popular platforms with smart features. The smart grievance management solution is made up of three different platforms built with custom features.

  1. Call center solution
  2. Help desk ticketing solution
  3. IP PBX software

What does a smart grievance management solution do?

This smart solution streamlines the process of grievance management. It provides central control over the grievance management process. Moreover, it automates multiple operations to speed up grievance management.

Three different solutions, call center software, help desk ticketing solution, and IP PBX software, get integrated to work in a streamlined manner. These three solutions hold advanced and custom features to enhance grievance management related operations.

How does a smart grievance management solution work?

  • A customer calls the support number, which is configured with a call center solution.
  • By interacting with an IVR defined in the call center software, the customer will raise a support request.
  • The smart grievance management system will create a log of this call in the call center solution to keep call logs. On the other hand, it will create a support ticket in the help desk ticketing solution.
  • The raised support ticket ID will be sent to the customer for tracking. Moreover, it will be automatically assigned to the right person in the right department.
  • The customer can call the support number to track the status of the grievance request. He can also talk to the agent for further updates. This communication will be conducted using a call center solution.
  • The internal team members will communicate and collaborate to resolve concerns using an IP PBX solution.
  • If the ticket does not get resolved within a stipulated timeframe, the smart grievance management solution will send an alert to the higher management to take a look and get the support request closed as sooner as possible.

What are the major advantages of a smart grievance management solution?

  • Automated operations related to grievance management
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Streamlined grievance management process
  • Central control and administration rights
  • Logs of all grievance requests
  • Consolidated collaboration and communication to internal team members

Who can get benefited from using a smart grievance management platform?

The smart grievance management platform is developed for smart cities like Agra, Gurugram Metropolitan city, etc. However, it can be used in any business, enterprise, organization, or company, in any industry to streamline grievance and support request management.

Where can you find a reliable smart grievance management solution?

It is a very niche and exclusive software developed by the telephony and unified communication solution development experts at Elision. Thus, the smart grievance management solution is available only with us. You cannot find this system anywhere else. Even if it is a prime product, it is available at affordable rates. Contact us to book a free demo of the smart grievance platform and explore more about this smart software and its quotation.

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