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Social Media Integration in Call Center Software to Accelerate Sales Campaigns

Call center solutions are heavily used by various businesses, BPOs, lead generation centers and all other industry verticals run various sales campaigns. Whether it is a bank that runs campaigns to generate leads for loans and credit cards; or it is an insurance agency that runs campaigns to sell more policies; or any other business you think of. Lead generation is need of all business verticals. To generate leads two most effective methods are: run digital marketing campaigns and run outbound calling campaigns through a contact center solution.

Do you know you can amalgamate power of digital marketing and outbound calling via contact center solution?

Yes, you can do that and we can help you in this process of doubling the power of two most effective lead generation methods and accelerating your sales campaigns. We provide social media integration in the call center software, so you can blend the power of both of these most powerful tools for lead generation. You can extract leads from your social media marketing campaigns and feed it in your call center solution. Once the leads are fed, you can run outbound calling campaigns.

We have helped many clients with our call center social media integration service. Recently, we have integrated Facebook feed of our client’s business page within the custom contact center software they are using, namely, Dialshree.

How Social Media Call Center Integration Works to accelerate sales campaigns?

Here is a real case study used by our client that has integrated their Facebook business page and the contact center solution.

  1. They run various social media marketing campaigns on their social pages that collect contact details of the customers and prospective customers in the form of comments or direct messages.
  2. Our integrated solution collects all these lead information from the social media business page and profile, bifurcate the information and feed it directly in the call center software
  3. The executives of the sales team can use these leads to run campaigns related to the social media campaign that collected these leads as well as other related campaigns.

As all the leads are organically generated and the prospects have shared their numbers, these contact numbers can be used to run various marketing campaigns because these are opted numbers.

We can integrate Facebook and other social media marketing platforms in any call center software. You must have access to the code of the software if it is a third part call center solution that you had bought from a vendor. We also provide VICIDial customization in which we integrate the social networking platforms in the VICIDial: open source contact center solution.

Key Benefits of Social Media Call Center Integration:

  • Increase opted leads
  • Increase contact database
  • Automate lead generation process
  • Increase power of social media and call center tool
  • Boost benefits of social media marketing and lead generation campaigns
  • Increase revenues
  • And more

Our customers are enjoying abundant benefits leveraged by social media call center integration service. You can be our next customer that accelerates his sales and lead generation campaigns. Contact us for more details.

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