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Break Language Barriers and Supercharge Engagement & CX with even more robust & powerful DialShree 2.0


DialShree is an all-in-one omni-channel contact centre suite designed to help businesses efficiently manage their sales, customer service, and telemarketing operations. It provides a comprehensive suite of features to optimize inbound and outbound campaigns, enhance workforce productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Built using Laravel, DialShree 2.0 is a new-age omnichannel contact center platform that combines robust functionality with the power and efficiency of Laravel's framework. With its swift interface, seamless integration capabilities, and flexible customization options.

With on premise and cloud-based solution both the options, DialShree enables enterprises to manage their contact centre via an intuitive online interface accessible from any device. The software integrates seamlessly with existing business systems and can be customized to align with specific operational requirements. 

With its latest upgrade, DialShree introduces several enhancements across modules to further streamline contact centre processes. The new features & technical betterments empower businesses to boost agent productivity, expand customer reach, gain data-driven insights, and future-proof operations.

DialShree 2.0 incorporates full WebRTC support, leveraging this cutting-edge technology for seamless real-time communication. WebRTC eliminates the need for additional plugins or software installations, simplifying the process for agents and customers alike.

With DialShree's WebRTC integration, agents and customers can engage in crystal-clear audio and high-definition video calls directly through web browsers.

Intuitive UI/UX - A Major Jump

The UI/ UX of a DialShree is a major boost, going to play a vital role in the effectiveness and efficiency of agents. The new version of Enhanced Security, Management, and Reporting is designed to provide a cutting-edge and intuitive UI/UX to enhance the agent experience. With over 20 years of core expertise, our UX team has developed an interface that minimizes the number of clicks required to navigate the system while ensuring quick and easy toggling between key features and tabs.

This intuitive design saves time and improves accuracy, resulting in more efficient and effective communication with customers. By focusing on UI/UX design, Enhanced Security, Management, and Graphical Dashboards can provide businesses with a powerful business communication platform for optimizing their contact centre platform capabilities and effectiveness.

Admin Enhancements

DialShree 2.0 empowers call centre admins with enhanced automation, customization, and access control capabilities to streamline operations. 

The new FTP configuration allows setting up of secure FTP or SFTP details for automated report generation and delivery. Authorized users can easily retrieve reports based on predefined parameters without any manual effort.

The plan management module enables creating customized plans aligned to specific business needs. Unique plans can be tailored with customized names, descriptions and categories to serve different customer segments. Individual modules can also be efficiently tracked and assigned within each plan for optimal utilization. 

Integration with user groups enables restricting access to certain fields and modules based on user roles. Sensitive information is protected by limiting functionality access to only relevant users. This prevents unauthorized access and improves overall security of the PII of customers.

With these upgrades, admins can automate repetitive tasks, customize plans for unique requirements and strengthen access control. This results in increased efficiency, better resource planning and an elevated customer experience.

Internal & External Chat:

Transform Customer Engagement with convenience and go-to channel.

Agent-Manager Collaboration:

Managers can initiate one-on-one chats with logged-in agents to provide guidance and support in real time. They can also send broadcast chats to all agents or specific groups, the manager chat capabilities facilitate seamless supervision, boosting productivity through enhanced collaboration.

Social Media Integration:

Leverage Popular Platforms to Expand Your Reach

With DialShree's enhanced social media capabilities, businesses can now integrate with leading platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase brand awareness and engage customers in new ways.  

Facebook Integration

The powerful Facebook integration allows you to:

- Configure Facebook API settings for deep integration capabilities 

- Display Facebook pages and content directly within DialShree

- Authenticate using Facebook accounts for secure and streamlined access

- Activate/deactivate integration as needed for optimal functionality

By harnessing Facebook's unparalleled reach, businesses can share content, and facilitate customer conversations at scale. Drive more traffic to your website, promote special offers, and respond to comments and inquiries in real-time - all without leaving DialShree.

X (Previously Twitter) Integration

DialShree's Twitter integration empowers you to:

- Configure Twitter API credentials for authorized access

- Seamlessly post tweets and interact with followers 

- Integrate Twitter messaging into customer conversations

- Connect multiple Twitter accounts for expanded reach

Businesses can now tap into Twitter's massive active user base to increase awareness, share updates, and engage followers. The intuitive integration makes community interaction effortless. Send quick responses to customer tweets, share links, run Twitter-only campaigns, - Taking your Twitter engagement to the next level.

With these robust social capabilities, DialShree enables businesses to meet customers where they already are - on the social platforms they love. This expanded social media presence translates into improved brand visibility, deeper customer connections, and greater revenue potential.

Enhanced Call Features

DialShree's enhanced call features provide greater visibility and control over your calling operations. The Missed Call Lists feature keeps a comprehensive record of all missed calls so you never miss an opportunity to engage with customers. Even the most valuable customer inquiries don't get left unanswered, maximizing satisfaction and conversion rates. 

The Callback Date Time Notification feature allows you to stay organized and never miss important follow-ups. It provides automatic reminders/ pop ups about critical calls, enhancing the customer experience through timely communication. Streamline operations and optimize productivity with efficient call management.

The new Graphical Dashboard allows you to harness the power of data for informed business decisions. Gain valuable insights into user stats, real-time performance metrics, and detailed call data. Make data-driven decisions to optimize operations and the customer experience. Track key performance indicators and measure the success of your contact center activities.

With these enhanced features, you'll never miss a chance to engage with customers, stay organized with follow-ups, and use data to guide your decisions. Deliver a seamless customer experience, experience enhanced productivity, and enjoy simplified usage.

Screen Sharing for Effective Collaboration

The upgraded DialShree contact centre solution now allows agents to share their screens with other agents or supervisors in real-time. This screen-sharing capability facilitates improved collaboration between agents by enabling them to visually show each other what is on their screens. So, they can collaborate and guide each other in almost no time.

Message Board to foster Two - way Communication

Introducing the new message board feature in DialShree for seamless agent-manager communication. Agents receive important updates and reminders directly on the noticeboard, improving information flow. Two-way communication allows agents to post questions and feedback, fostering transparency and collaboration. Elevate inter-team communication with DialShree's centralized platform.

Screen Recording for Quality Assurance

With DialShree's enhanced quality assurance capabilities, you can closely monitor agent interactions and optimize performance. The screen recording feature allows you to capture visual recordings of an agent's screen during calls. This unprecedented visibility enables monitoring adherence to policies, as well as using recordings for training purposes. 

The custom APR report allows tailoring agent performance reports to your specific needs. You can filter and analyze data based on various parameters like campaigns and user groups. This helps continuously improve agent productivity and identify areas needing more training and development. 

The advanced telco utilization report allows tracking and analyzing PRI and SIP channel dynamics and activities in real-time. The insights help enhance resource planning and optimize telecommunications usage.

Dialshree 2.0


Streamline and Enhance Customer Engagement with the New SMS/Messaging and WhatsApp Features

SMS/Messaging Module

- Admin Level Features

  - Enable SMS functionality right from the Admin Panel

  - Configure SMS APIs, templates, and mappings for seamless integration

- Agent Level Features:

  - Access the SMS module in the agent panel for efficient communication

  - Select and utilize pre-defined SMS templates for quick responses

  - Send personalized messages to leads, ensuring effective engagement

WhatsApp Module:

- Admin Level Features:

  - Empower agents with the ability to use WhatsApp Web for convenient communication

  - Enable outbound WhatsApp messaging to reach a wider audience

  - Set up and configure WhatsApp APIs, templates, and mappings effortlessly

- Agent Level Features

  - Seamlessly access the WhatsApp module within the agent panel

  - Effortlessly exchange text, documents, videos, images, and emojis with customers

  - Participate in group chats, facilitating collaboration and teamwork

  - Pin important contacts, forward messages, and track delivery status for actionable insights

  - Synchronize contacts with WhatsApp for streamlined customer management

  - Utilize predefined message templates to ensure consistent and efficient communication

  - Start WhatsApp chats instantly with new phone numbers, expanding outreach capabilities


Automated Reporting

The upgraded DialShree contact center solution provides agents and managers with valuable insights in real-time. 

Reports can also be scheduled to run automatically regularly, eliminating the manual effort of pulling reports. This enables managers to efficiently monitor trends, identify issues, and make data-driven decisions to improve operations. Some key benefits include:

- Customizable dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets to track real-time KPIs.

- Ability to drill down into reports for details.

- Scheduled delivery of reports to specified recipients via email.

- Easy creation and modification of reports without IT help.

- Exporting reports to Excel, PDF and other formats.

- Comparing performance across time periods.

- Automation frees up manager time from manual reporting.

- Better visibility into contact centre performance 24/7.

Refreshable agent dashboard

to analyze the dashboard in real-time without any interruption.

Rather than waiting for scheduled reports, supervisors can check the dashboard at any time to see which agents are online, the number of calls handled, average handling time, and more.

The auto-refresh feature ensures the dashboard never gets stale throughout the day. 

Leaderboard for healthy competition

DialShree motivates agents through gamification. Agents can see where they rank compared to their peers on key performance metrics.

 The leaderboard displays the top-performing agents across criteria like:

 - Calls handled

- Average call time

- Customer satisfaction scores

- Sales conversions

The leaderboard fosters a culture of healthy competition among agents. Agents are driven to sharpen their skills so they can outperform their colleagues.

Inbound Service Level Report

Obtain vital metrics to analyze call performance and customer service levels. Comprehensive tables display shift data, hold times, drops, call duration, and statistics. Gain insights to optimize call handling, reduce wait times, and boost customer satisfaction.

Outbound Calling Report

Receive a detailed overview of outbound campaign performance. Sub-reports and columns provide insights into total calls, human answers, drops, no answers, hang-up reasons, and call statuses. Leverage data to optimize outbound campaigns, improve conversion rates, and drive success.

Additional Enhancements

DialShree's latest release includes several additional enhancements to improve the agent and customer experience.

Multi-Language Support

DialShree now provides seamless multi-language support, allowing businesses to break language barriers and cater to diverse customer bases. The system can be configured to work in multiple languages, ensuring clear and effective communication for customers.

Agent Panel Light and Dark Modes

Agents can now switch between light and dark modes in their panel interface. This provides the flexibility to select the ideal mode for different lighting conditions, reducing eye strain and enhancing the agent experience.

Redial Call Based on Disposition

The redial feature integrates with the dispositions, so agents can tag calls for redials and the system will automatically dial back out at the scheduled time. This prevents dropped calls and improves continuity in ongoing customer relationships.

Overall, the advanced dispositions with redial capabilities empower agents to have more meaningful customer interactions while optimizing operations.

Time Limits for Pause Codes

DialShree now allows supervisors to set time limits for pause codes used by agents. Agents must select a reason when going into pause status, such as taking a scheduled break or attending a meeting. By setting limits on these pause codes, supervisors can better ensure adherence to break times and improve monitoring of overall agent productivity. 

Auto-Generated Campaign and List IDs

DialShree introduces auto-generated campaigns and list IDs for simplified tracking and organization. Uniquely identifying campaigns and lists helps drive efficiency in calling activities.

Operations with APIs

Several new APIs are available to integrate DialShree with external systems and workflows. APIs can programmatically manage lists, pause codes, transfer groups, dispositions, and more. This automation eliminates manual efforts while enabling comprehensive data analysis.

These enhancements provide more personalized, efficient, and seamless experiences for agents and customers. Businesses can leverage DialShree's capabilities to better engage diverse audiences, optimize workflows, and make data-driven decisions.

In conclusion,

the new version of Enhanced Security, Management, and Reporting offers businesses a comprehensive solution to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement, and improve overall efficiency. With features like automated reporting, chat integration, personalized messaging, and simplified configuration, businesses can boost productivity, collaboration, and campaign management. The advanced user support and integration capabilities make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their communications and achieve their goals effectively.

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