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The Role of Cloud Technology in the Growth of Africa’s Contact Center Industry

Call Center April 26, 2023

The global contact center industry is gargantuan. There are so many countries that thrive in their economies by running call centers. Africa is one of the leaders in this space. With technological advancements, the African contact center industry is flourishing in leaps and bounds. There are several technological innovations and trending inventions such as AI, ML, IoT, WiFi, 5G, cloud technology, etc. that contribute to the growth of Africa’s contact center industry. Each technology has its own role to play and we are going to discuss one of the most fascinating and trending technologies that influence the African contact center industry.

Cloud technology in the African call center industry has a major and vital role to play. There are so many Africa based call centers that have started using a cloud based call center solution. If you are still wondering what the exact role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa is, then you will learn about it in this article. 

What is cloud technology?

It is the next gen technology that makes computing power, data storage, and other resources available over the internet instead of the hard drive. In technological terms, the hard drive based setup is called a physical server setup and the internet based setup is known as cloud technology or cloud computing. The whole phenomenon of cloud technology is quite vast as it covers different types of hosting, setup, and more and it is very much technical. Your call center software provider would handle all aspects related to this technology. Usually, Africa’s contact center industry uses cloud technology for hosting their software like a contact center solution. The technical aspects such as setup, usage optimization, backup, recovery, etc. are managed by the companies that offer these software solutions and tools. 

What is a cloud based call center solution?

When a call center solution is hosted on cloud computing, it is called cloud based call center software. The businesses operating in the African contact center industry can use any public or private cloud platform such as Amazon Web Server (AWS), Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, etc.

What is the role of cloud technology in the African call center industry?

The role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa can be defined by exploring its top applications, benefits, and characteristics. Let’s explore how it helps Africa’s contact center industry to thrive and grow.

1. Excellent customer services

Cloud technology is flexible and supports remote operations. The call center industry in Africa can take advantage of this characteristic of this technological invention and assure growth. It can access all tools, software, platforms, and data from remote locations. Thus, customers can be attended to anytime as the software will be available to use for agents to cater to clients. A majority of businesses in Africa use automation in their software. Thus, they can ensure that customers will get self serving options. Even contact centers based in Africa can hire customer service experts from any nook and corner of the world to level up the game of customer care.

2. Commendable scalability

The role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa can be defined by its capacity to scale up the software and infrastructure. Africa’s contact center industry is growing rapidly because of the rising opportunities for businesses, increasing investment and funding options for enterprises, and multiple other driving factors. In this case, the IT infrastructure of the company has to be compatible enough and scalable enough to support the growth of businesses operating in the contact center industry of Africa.

Cloud technology in the African call center industry is leading this area by providing instant scalability options. The cloud platforms have ready to use computing power, data storage space, and other resources to let contact centers scale up their capacities whenever they need. Unlike physical space, cloud based systems can be scaled up within a few hours to a few days. The advantage of this platform for the African contact center industry is that they can even scale down the capacity to save money. All these scalability related benefits of cloud technology help businesses grow faster and thrive.

3. Excellent agent efficiency

Cloud technology helps agents in Africa to work from anywhere. This helps in improving the efficiency of their work by letting them enjoy work life balance. They can also take advantage of other offerings of cloud technology that help them improve their performance and productivity. This boosts their morale and contributes to elevating the efficiency of agents.

4. Reduced expenses

Cloud technology in the African call center industry has a pivotal role to play with multifaceted benefits. One of them is cutting costs to save funds and make them available for better utilization in other areas. In multiple ways, a cloud based call center solution and other tools hosted and set up on the cloud benefit African businesses to reduce expenses.

  • Setup cost:
    One of the major expenses call centers face is setting up the software and IT infrastructure. Cloud technology makes everything remote and hosted on the internet, which saves a lot of money for these businesses. For example, a call center does not need to buy a physical office in Africa to set up servers, IT infrastructure, etc. This is a huge saving on an ongoing basis along with capital cost savings. 
  • Operational cost:
    As software and IT infrastructure is hosted on the cloud, the role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa becomes more evident in terms of saving money. One does not need to put staff to manage IT tools and software or servers. There will be less wear and tear of hardware or wires otherwise used in a physical, on-premise setup. The ongoing cost saving of the software is significant. 
  • Pay as you go:
    Popular cloud computing platforms offer pay-as-you-go models. This helps in saving a lot of money because the
    African contact center industry needs to pay only for the usage of the software even if they have opted for a higher plan. This is a considerable saving.
  • Maintenance and Support:
    As the cloud based system does not need an on-premise team to manage hardware, upgrade, server health, etc., the cost of maintenance and support would be quite low. In many cases, cloud technology platforms cover basic maintenance and support, which reduces the cost of maintenance and support for the contact center industry of Africa.
  • Uptime SLA:
    The cloud team will ensure high uptime service level agreements for businesses operating in the contact center industry in African countries. A majority of systems provide 99.95% of uptime and this can help businesses to continue their operations and keep receiving constant revenue and save costs on downtime and related consequences. This defines the important role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa.


In conclusion, the role of cloud technology in the contact center industry of Africa is pivotal. It drives the growth of contact centers in African countries.

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