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Tips to Use Skills based Routing Efficiently

Almost all modern call center software is equipped with a variety of call routing rules to increase agents’ productivity and customer satisfaction. Skill based routing is one of the advanced call routing features that will let you utilize the full potential of your agents. That’s the reason almost all call center solutions come with this feature.

Having skill based routing feature doesn’t finish your job. You have to take certain steps to make the most out of it. To help you assure that you use your skill based routing efficiently. Here is a step wise guide.

1. Build a skill set and map it to the agents

Each call center would need different types of skills in its agents. Some skills can be taught as part of training programs and some are prerequisites in an agent before awarding him a job. Your agents will have multiple skills such as, speaking multiple languages, taking care of different types of concerns, etc. You should make a list of skills that are most important to handle calls effectively and map those to the agents that hold those skills.

2. Create call routing rules for skill based routing

The skill based routing automatically route the call to the most skilled agent, but for that, you have to define the call routing rules. When you start using a call center solution, it will not know the details of your agents and their skills. Thus, you have to configure rules for the same. You can take the help of your provider to set these rules for you.

3. Monitor and Fine-tune

Don’t just sit back after setting the skill based routing; to assure it is working at its best, you must monitor the call logs and voice recordings. Review how it is going. A well configured skill based routing will show the following results in the call reports:

  • Reduced hold time
  • Reduced call transfer ratio
  • Reduced call handling times
  • Increased first call resolution (FCR)

If you see you are not achieving noteworthy results, you can reconfigure the skill based call routing rules and also arrange training sessions for your team to increase and improve their skill set.


These are the three steps that you should follow in a step-wise manner to assure your skill based routing is working effectively.

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