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Tips to Use Voice Logger Solution in Call Center Software

Call center solution comes with a wide range of features. These features make it perfect to run all different types of call center campaigns. One of the most important features of the call center dialer solution is the Voice logger aka call recording.

Some call center software solutions offer limited functionality as part of call recording and some call center solutions such as DialShree offers a wider array of features to increase its benefits. You must get the dialer with advanced call routing rules.

The advanced voice logger solution offers an amazing range of features such as

  • Record all calls
  • Record selected calls
  • Play call recording within the call center software
  • Download call recording files
  • Give access to agents to listen to their call recording
  • Spot a specific word in the call recordings
  • Reports of the call recordings
  • Search call recording by date
  • Search call recording by types
  • And more

These advanced voice logger features can be used in favor of the call center in multiple ways. Let me share the top 3 tips on using this feature effectively.

1. Make sure to have an advanced voice logger feature

Generally, a majority of call center software providers offer a simple call recording feature in their system. The only thing it allows you to do is to decide whether you want to record all calls or not. This feature is not as effective as it should be. Thus, use the advanced voice logger system integrated within the call center dialer. Either by the software which has it or you can also get it developed.

2. Give access to the recording to agents

Generally, the call recording files are available to supervisors and admin in the call center industry. However, it is necessary to give access to call recordings to the agents for the sake of self learning. You do not need to give them access to all files of all agents. Just give them access to their own calls.

They can listen to their own calls and this can help them find their own faults and improvising the same. Of course, for security purposes, you can make sure that the agents can only listen and cannot download or delete the files.

3. Take certain actions based on the call recordings for quality

The supervisors and admin have access to the recorded files in the call center solution, but they often do not screen them for quality purposes. If you will not use the caliber of the functionalities available in your call center dialer, then how will you reach the maximized ROI level? Supervisors must allocate some time to listen to the call recordings and identify common issues and take necessary actions accordingly.

Our contact center software: DialShree is furnished with the advanced voice logger solution. We also offer a voice logger as an independent solution. If you want to integrate the advanced call recording system in your company or call center software, contact us.

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