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Top 3 Key Benefits of Call Center CRM Integration for Call Centers

For any call center the most important thing is to increase the success rate and for that a majority of calls have to give “First Call Resolution” to the callers. There are many actions that the call centers can take to take required steps in achieving the goal of increasing first call resolution. One of as such action that the call center can take is integrating the call center solution and CRM system with the expert call center CRM integration service. The call center CRM integration provides some special features which are not available otherwise. Once you get those features, you can gain many benefits to increase the success ration. In this article, I will share the top 3 key benefits one can leverage with call center CRM integration.

1. Increased accuracy

A majority of customers complains that the agents in the call center don’t hold enough knowledge of the product or service they offer. This issue arises because the agents take more than usual time in finding information to provide the same to the customer or they fumble while giving the information. This problem can be removed with call center CRM integration. Once this integration is done, the agents will see a lead record pop-up once the call is connected. This popup will provide the quick information of the customer which is fetched from the CRM solution within the call center solution. Moreover, this information will be highly accurate as after call center CRM integration, both systems will have real time information at all the times.

2. Increased agent morale and productivity

The quick access to crucial customer information will provide the required confidence to answer the customer. Moreover, the agents can increase the satisfaction of the customer by providing personalized answers. The increased call success rate will build confidence in the agent as well as it will boost his morale, which will further increase the productivity of the agents.

3. Reduced expenses

Increased accuracy, customer satisfaction and productivity of the agent will result in better performance with minimum resources. Moreover, the call center CRM integration provides features like automated lead record update in both systems. This will further reduce investment on the resources. This way the call centers can save a lot of money on resources which can be used in other important areas for growth of the call center.

These are the top 3 advantages one may receive with call center CRM integration. These three benefits bestow many other benefits to the call centers such as,

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased agent skills
  • Increased first call resolution ratio
  • Reduced call wrap up time
  • Increased business
  • Increased returns over investments
  • And more

We have expertise in call center CRM integration. Our years of experience has enabled us to perform integration of any proprietary or open source call center software with any open source or third party CRM system. To know more about our call center CRM integration services, please visit

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