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Top 3 Must Have Features of Outbound Contact Center Solution

Contact center business is at its peak right now, and as per the industry experts it is going to touch new summits in the upcoming few years. This is the right time for any business owner to jump into this alluring business of contact center. There are 3 different types of contact centers:

  • Inbound contact center
  • Outbound contact center
  • Blended Contact center

Today, we will be talking about outbound contact centers. This type of contact center is used for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Cold calling for lead generation
  • Conducting a survey
  • Generating awareness
  • And more

If you are thinking to get into this business, the first thing you must be considering is to get a robust and scalable contact center solution. There is a plethora of options available in the market. However, you have to be thoughtful while making a choice. The top 3 features you must be looking for, in an outbound contact center solution are listed below:

Different Types of Dialer: Auto, Manual, Predictive

The outbound contact center solution must have different types of dialer to support outbound calling campaigns. There are 3 different types of dialers which are most used in the industry.

Manual Dialer, in which, an agent will dial a number manually.

Auto Dialer, in which, system will auto generate a call once current call is finished of an agent

Predictive Dialer, in which, the system will use an intelligent logic and dial a few numbers based on available agents and a specific mathematical formula. This is the best dialer among all, which will ensure to utilize each agent and his time at best. 

Automated Script

This is another vital feature of an outbound contact center solution. The outbound contact center agents have to speak a specific script to pursue the customer or prospect. The automated script feature will pop up campaign wise script while a call gets connected. This feature has to be there to ensure your agents get required script and material and increase revenues or success rate for the contact center. 


For any call center, a range of reports is one of the most important features. These reports are very much important to gauge the current performance of the contact center, individual campaign as well agent. These reports will help in fine tuning the current performance as well as defining areas to be worked upon for improving future performance.

Above 3 are must have features with a range of other basic features of a contact center system. Elision offers an outbound contact center solution with all top features. To know more about it, contact us.

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