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Top 3 Tools for Customer Support

The customer is important in any business and that is why post sales support and technical support redefines the business success. If you provide a good support service to your customers, you can get more business from the same customer as well as you can receive testimonial, case study, etc. which can help in boosting your digital marketing campaigns.

Some customers also refer new prospects to their vendors. In this case, you can get many open doors of opportunities by providing the best customer support. To provide good customer support, you must have a skilled staff.

Moreover, you have to invest in the reliable tools. The traditional tools can’t live up to the expectations of the customers. In this article, I will talk about the top 3 tools which work amazingly well to provide the best customer experience to the customers.

1. Call Center Solution

The call center software is an amazing tool which lets you offer the best customer experience and post sales services. It is perfect to provide both, technical and usual customer support services. If you can invest a little more, better to go with the omnichannel contact center solution.

The omnichannel contact center solution provides all types of communication channels, email, SMS, WhatsApp, fax, live chat and video. This helps in providing an enriching experience for the customer.

2. WebRTC Screen Sharing Solution

This is a new system introduced by the top VoIP companies worldwide. It is a WebRTC solution. It provides a web based application which can be accessed via a web URL. Once you access the same, one party can share the screen to another party.

It also has a facility of voice call at the same time while sharing the screen. This is very good when you want show screen to explain something or give a walk-through or want to deliver the technical support for system based programs.

3. Live Chat Solution

This is a general purpose support tool. It can be used in any industry to provide any type of customer support. It comes with a wide array of features if you go for a white label chat solution. It is very in-demand as today’s consumers prefer chat over the telephone as chat can be done on the go while you be multitasking.

The white label live chat software often give the features which helps in boosting the productivity of the staff as well as it can be used to increase the customer satisfaction and branding.

These are the top 3 tools which can be used by any company to provide good customer support. If you are offering some kind of technical support, then add helpdesk ticketing solution to your must have solution list.

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