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Top 4 Benefits of Using CRM Software in Call Centers

CRM Solution March 23, 2020

It is necessary to understand customers and for that call centers need better tools than just listening to customers during a live call. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is one of the must have tools in all call centers.

As we all know, the call center solution is used in all call centers still, the CRM system is not used that widely. This is wrong. There are many amazing benefits that are missed by these call centers which do not use the CRM system along with the call center software. In fact, the CRM system should be integrated in the call center solution with the call center CRM integration so it can be used seamlessly.

Let me share the top 4 benefits of using a CRM solution integrated into the call center solution in a call center. Please note I am going to share major pros of using a CRM solution in the call centers:

1. Increase the possibilities of FCR (First Contact Resolution)

The CRM software lets its users store complete detail of the customer, including, his or her contact details, order history, concerns, payment, etc. Thus, the agents will have access to all the details of the customers. With call center CRM integration, a call center can decide which fields should be shown to agents and which not. This way, agents will have access to all necessary and useful information of the customer to personalize his answers. This increases the ratio of FCR.

2. Excellent reliability of data

The CRM solution will always have all the data of the customer. Thus, if the customer had two issues, one with the quality team and one with the technical team, both will be mentioned in the customer relationship management solution. Furthermore, if the technical team has already resolved an issue, the QA team will have this information. This will make data reliable as all employees and agents will have their access and all will get to see the most accurate copy of records all the time. If you have a call center CRM integrated system, then all information will be available within the call center solution. The agent will not need to switch back and forth between two different systems.

3. Enhance performance

The CRM solution helps in boosting and enhancing performance in the call centers if it is used strategically. It will always have accurate information shared among all agents and employees. This will allow employees to act faster and at the same time, it will allow agents to respond promptly with clear answers. The call durations can be reduced and the first call resolution ratio can be increased. This will further boost the morale of the team and performance can be enhanced even more.

4. Reduced expenses

The increased efficiency and enhanced performance will help call centers in saving time and resources. Also, the increased chances of FCR save further resources and reduce clients’ frustration. Thus, further expenses on lead nurturing could be reduced.

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