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Top 4 Habits of Customer Centric Call Center

VoIP solutions October 28, 2019

Companies and call centers invest a lot to keep customers happy. Customers seek for better services and not cheaper prices really. According to one of the statistics shared by the Thikjar, 55% of customers are ready to pay more to get better service. Yes, you read that right.

Customers are looking for customer care support before and after the purchase. Nowadays, companies know the importance of happy customers and that is why they invest in the best call center software, integration of social media and other channels in the call center solution, train agents, and much more to do everything possible to increase customer satisfaction.

In this article, you will learn about the top 4 tips that must be applied in your customer support center or customer care center to make sure you achieve 99.99% customer satisfaction ration.

1. Pay attention to what your customer is saying – listen carefully

Generally, agents are in a hurry to read out the script they are seeing in their call center software window. Some interrupt customers in between. The first thing agents need to learn is to pay complete attention to the customer while he is talking and in any case never interrupt him or her. Thus, the first thumb rule of success is to Listen Carefully to the Customer.

2. Deliver personalized experience

Everyone enjoys the feeling of being known and worth and so do your customers. Let them feel that they are important to you. Try to personalize the conversation and make them feel good. You can use the call center CRM integration so an agent can see the details about the customer, including, his/her liking and disliking.

This will help agents to treat each customer based on their likings and this personalized experience will help you increase customer satisfaction.

3. Add Automation

A majority of customers usually has the same issue. For example, when will my order get delivered? Or do you deliver in my area or not? For a simple yes or no answer, the customer needs to wait in the call queue, which can be less than 1 minute or more than 20 minutes sometimes.

The call center software provides amazing features and those features can be used to cater to customers more effectively. For example, integrate an IVR menu to let customers self serve themselves.

4. Test your tools

The customer care centers use multiple tools such as call center software, CRM solution, etc. Each tool comes with a wide array of features. Generally, once the configurations are made, they are left as it is. This is not a good practice. The call center must monitor and fine-tune the tools to receive good results. For example, the IVR menu in the call center solution needs to be changed based on the current trend.

These are the top 4 habits that are easy to practice and do not take a lot to follow. It delivers the best customer services and increase customer satisfaction.

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