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Major Call Center Solution Features that Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Gone are the days when manual calling was used by call center agents and manual entries were made in the excel sheets. The manual processes are tedious, slow, and error-prone. That’s why more and more people have started using Call Center Solution to fuel up their calling activities along with the benefits of streamlined and well-organized records with all required details.

This article shares the top 3 features of a call center software, which increases customer satisfaction.

Sticky Agent

This is a common fact that a customer likes to talk with an agent who helped him last time. This saves a lot of time explaining the same thing or getting that bond. Also, it contributes to better customer relationship management.

The sticky agent feature of advanced call center solutions such as DialShree facilitates callers to talk with the same agent they talked with last time. It means the call will be routed and handed over to the same agent every time when possible.

Skill based call routing

In any call center or customer care center, it is of vital priority that each incoming call of a lead or customer complaint should get addressed by an agent who has enough knowledge and required skills to handle that call. It means the agent must have the matching skills to resolve the customer’s concerns.

This can increase the first call resolution ration and also decrease call wrap uptime, which are the two most important scales of good performance in the call centers and customer support centers. The advanced call center solution such as DialShree provides a feature called, skill based routing. According to this feature, the incoming call will be routed to an agent who has the required skills to answer the calls and handle it with the best possible approach.


It is a normal scenario in a call center or customer care center that an agent runs out of information or expertise to resolve a customer’s concern. It may frustrate a customer, if an agent puts him on hold or in a call queue to the supervisor. Here the feature, called, whisper, of call center software can be really helpful. Here, the agent doesn’t need to transfer the call or put it on hold; he can get mentored by his senior or supervisor, how to handle the request, that too, without acknowledgment of the customer.

This would create a good impression in the customer’s eye that the call center or customer care center has qualified staff because according to the statistics, the biggest concern of the caller is the customer care center staff is not qualified enough or doesn’t have enough knowledge to resolve their concerns.

These are the top 3 features available in advanced call center solutions such as DialShree that help you improve customer satisfaction ratio. There are many more as such features and services which would help you to cater to customers in a better way. Contact us for more details and a free demo of the contact center solution.

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