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Top 5 Must Have Excellent Customer Service Skills

Agents are representatives of the company and they are responsible for making or breaking an image of the company. The agents have to deal with a myriad of emotions and behaviors on a daily basis. They need to perform the most crucial job of keeping customers happy.

They are also responsible for pacifying the angry customers and win their trust again. It is not an easy job and that’s why today we will share the top 5 excellent skills each call center agent must possess to provide the best customer service.

1. Patience

The agent needs to deal with various types of customers. Some might be too angry because of the problem they are facing; some are puzzled due to lack of knowledge and some who just want to blame you for something. On the contrary, some are easy to tackle; some are too talkative and some coming with the same queries again and again.

Regardless of the reactions of the customers, an agent has to listen to the customer with a lot of patience. Even if he knows the answer after hearing the very first line of the customer, the agent has to keep patience until the customer finishes explaining. He needs to keep two golden rules of customer support in mind:

  1. Never interrupt the customer
  2. Be polite

Both of these can be achieved only if the agent posses patience.

2. Active Listening

Being an agent, you must have a lot of tasks to finish and being humans we tend to get bored sometimes, especially, when we are helping someone to resolve the same problem 20th time. In such situations, we tend to become multitasking and along with listening, we start doing something else in parallel.

The reason is your distraction will be vocal to a customer even if he can’t see you. The agent has to be actively involved during the call and stop doing anything else to provide the best services.

3. Positive Attitude

The agent needs to deal with a lot of challenges as part of his job. For example, tight targets, furious customers, long tiring work schedule, etc. Despite all these, the agent has to keep the same energy and empathy in the voice for each call he attends.

The response of the agent has to be as lively even on the 100th call as it was on his first call. For this, a positive attitude is the must have skill in all agents. It keeps them going on and performs at their best.

4. Knowledge

If the agent doesn’t have a thorough understanding and intense knowledge of the product or service he is advocating, then he will not sound confident and reliable. Thus, the first job of the agent is to understand the product/solution that he is going to sell or provide support for.

He must understand the complete flow, USPs, benefits, and disadvantages of the product. Quick adaptability and learning attitude can be really helpful to master this skill.

5. Technical Knowledge with Easy Vocabulary

The agent needs to deal with various technical solutions such as call center software, CRM system, Helpdesk ticketing system, so on and so forth. To make effective use of these solutions, the agent has to be well versed in all of these. Furthermore, he should know some technical aspects of the service or product he is working for.

He has to use a perfect blend of technical and normal vocabulary while explaining or guiding a caller. The caller might not know all the jargons and thus, an agent has to use easy to understand language. These are the top 5 must have skills in a call center agent to provide excellent customer support.

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