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Top 5 Tips to Enhance Customer Support

WebRTC February 3, 2020

Better customer support results in increased repeat and referral business. Also, it helps in creating a positive business brand for your enterprise. To assure the best customer support, you need to assure that your staff handling customer support has everything they need to provide the best support and care services.

We are leading VoIP Company and we have benefited many businesses with our services and solutions. Today, based on our more than a decade long experience, we will share the top 5 tips to improve customer support. These tips can be used by any small business or a well established call center or customer care center.

1. Hire skilled professionals

Customer support is a very crucial job and you must hire a well educated team. Also, having prior experience in customer support can give an upper hand to the business. Don’t think about saving money and going for cheap resources. If hiring an in-house team seems expensive, you may outsource customer support to remote agents or call centers.

2. Provide Required Training

Each business has its own products, solution, and code of conduct. For years, you must have nurtured your clients in a specific way. These best practices must be passed to the customer care team. You must conduct training and mentoring sessions. Also, you should use a solution such as voice logger software, which will record calls. These calls can be then used for quality control and screening.

Based on the results, you can conduct required training sessions for the selective members. Also, there are certain solutions such as a keyword spotting solution that find a specific word in an audio file. This will help in assuring the team is not using negative words in any way during calls.

3. Get Advanced Solutions

You can’t expect a great customer care service with outdated solutions such as a telephone. You have to provide advanced communication as well as tracking solutions to your staff so they can provide the best support services. Based on the nature of your business and budget, you can define the required solutions. Below is the list of the most commonly used solutions in different support centers:

You can have one or all of these support solutions. If your budget is limited, you can get open source solutions to start with.

4. Provisioning to Increase Productivity

Providing customer care is a tough job. Thus, you must take the necessary steps to save the time of your agents or executives in all possible ways. This saved time will help them to perform one or more productive tasks such as,

  • Lead nurturing
  • Resolving queries of other clients
  • Updating knowledge
  • Helping other executives
  • Rejuvenating themselves to provide better support

We recommend getting call center CRM integration so agents don’t need to spend time and energy in switching back and forth between two different solutions. Another option is to get a WebRTC solution to eliminate the need of hardware based phones or softphones.

Also, there are other ways to empower your agents to work with better productivity, such as having call center software with features like the sticky agent, IVR, Skill based routing, etc. You can also integrate these modules with existing solutions.

5. Give them flexibility

Having a fresh and happy mind is important for your customer care executives. You can give them the flexibility of work from home. You can keep track of their work in real time with solutions such as Remote Agent. This solution can work on any simple telephony application as well. You can get logs and activities in real time.

Along with these flexibilities, you should give treats, perks, etc. so they can stay motivated to perform at their best. Remember, a happy customer care executive will keep your clients happy.

If you have any queries, need further tips or want to get details about any of our above mentioned solutions, contact us. We would be glad to help you improve your lead nurturing ratio.

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