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How to Reduce Call Drop Rate in Call Centers?

In recent years, customers have become increasingly conscious of the product they purchase. Consumers want to know about a product and its functionalities in detail before they finally check out. Call centers play a major role in providing these consultation services to customers. However, a high call drop rate indicates the inefficiency of the call center solution to handle many calls which the call center receives. This can cause the call center to fall short to meet the demands of the customers and ultimately impact the sales of the product. To better tackle this problem, here are 6 ways that can help to decrease the number of dropped calls in your call center and enhance the efficiency of the call center software.

1. CRM Integration to Increase Efficiency

Call center CRM integration creates a collective system with integrated features of a call center solution and CRM software. It gives enough data to an agent about the customer. This helps agents to give to the point answers. Furthermore, it helps in the process of efficiently and quickly wrapping up the call so the next call can be attended quickly. Increased speed and efficiency reduces the call drop ratio by shortening the call queue.

2. Make use of IVR

The interactive voice response feature of the call center solution is used to respond with pre-recorded messages according to the caller’s input. It can help to better identify a caller’s needs or demands before connecting them to a suitable agent. This feature of the call center software allows the customers to get quick solutions and also maximizes their satisfaction.

3. A Longer Ring Time

The customers prefer to hear the sound of a call ringing than listen to an automated message. Though the average call ring time is 18 seconds, call centers can experiment with 15 seconds to 20 seconds and see which suits them the best. If the inclusion of an automated message is inevitable, try to begin the call with a few rings first.

4. Provide a Callback Option

By providing a callback option, you allow the customers to choose to receive a callback by giving their number. This option is very convenient as the customers don’t have to wait in a queue for their call to be answered, and the callback will not charge them a single penny. Also, it imparts a sense of trust among the customers and indicates the call center’s promptness to ensure customer satisfaction.

5. Optimized Call Routing

Call centers have started using the automatic call distribution feature of the call center solution to maximize their efficiency. Automatic call distribution (ACD) distributes the inbound calls and immediately connects the user to an agent. Additionally, the ACD feature of the call center software also provides the option of skill-based routing, which connects the user to the most suitable agent and hence, ensures customer satisfaction.

6. Keep Changing the Queue Messages

Listening to the same pre-recorded message can annoy your customers, sometimes to the extent of driving them away. So instead of using the same message, switch the message frequently to avoid any dropped calls. Furthermore, it is noted that most people enjoy listening to music while on hold so use good music to keep people engaged and reduce call drop rate.

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