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Top Advantages of Truecaller Business Number Verification for Call Centers

We have recently launched our service of TrueCaller number verification after joining hands with TrueCaller Business. This service can benefit multiple industry verticals and one of the businesses that can leverage maximum advantages is the call center industry.

Let’s explore the major advantages of TrueCaller Business number verification for a call center:

Create a more trustworthy business brand identity

Even if a call center uses the best call center solution, it happens that users don’t pick up calls because of caller ID flashing the wrong names of the companies. TrueCaller is one of the most widely used caller ID apps. If the phone number of the call center is not verified any notorious user can edit your business name and make it appear suspicious.

On the other hand, with the verification of a business number, call centers can define a business name with a logo. This business name cannot be edited by anyone, which adds up to your business branding.

The TrueCaller will also highlight the number with a “Verification Badge” and “Verification Tick Mark” to show the authority and trustworthiness of your business.

Reach more clients and engage with them

Having a brand name, logo, verification badge, and tick along with a green highlight will spread a positive message to your customers and prospects when your number flashes on their smartphones. It helps in increasing reach and getting more calls connected with customers to engage with them.

Highlight priority calls

If you are calling for any priority reason due to which the call has to be connected, then you can highlight the priority calls. This feature is available only to the numbers verified with TrueCaller using Elision’s TrueCaller number verification system.

Highlighting priority calling in your caller ID will help in increasing the reach and connection rate further.

Share the reason for a call to increase talk time

Many customers don’t attend a call from a call center as they are unaware of the reason for that call. In many cases, call centers have something important and beneficial for these customers. Thus, by showing the reason for a call, call centers can achieve a higher reach and connection rate.

Even if the reason for the call is not appealing to the user and if the user doesn’t attend the call, it still helps in saving time of agents on calls, in which users will anyways reject your offer. The call center solution can move to the next potential number with its auto dialer in this case to increase returns.

Get a fair chance to connect even if your number is marked as spam

Many customers mark call center numbers as Spam and in this case, other users see a red highlight on their caller ID. This reduces the chance of getting connected with a potential user. Here comes the TrueCaller business number verification at the rescue. Your number will be displayed with a small flag of spam on the caller ID instead of a red highlight. This will give you a fair chance to connect with the customers and engage.

These are the major advantages of TrueCaller number verification for call centers.

Let our team explain in detail with practical examples of how this service can help your call center grow. Contact us to initiate the discussion.

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