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Top Reports to Improve Performance in Call Centers

It is necessary to improve the performance of call centers and for that, call centers need to focus on three key aspects:

  • Measure
  • Monitor and Compare
  • Manage

Measure the existing performance, monitor and compare the KPIs, and manage different aspects to improve performance to be better. Call center solutions loaded with amazing features help in working on all three aspects. We will talk about one of them, Measure.

A call center solution offers various reports, which measure different performance indicators. Monitoring them and managing resources can help in improving performance. Today, we will talk about the top 5 reports, which can help you identify improvement areas, so performance can be improved.

1. CDR

If a call center uses a call center solution with a single communication channel, then CDR is called Call Detail Reports (CDR). If a call center uses an omnichannel call center solution, then CDR stands for Communication Detail Reports as it shows information about calls, chat, email, WhatsApp messages, etc.

CDR can be used in identifying poor performance, discrepancies with customers, most popular communication channels, etc.

2. Agent Login Report

It is necessary to monitor this report as it gives information about the punctuality of agents. It is necessary for agents to follow the shifts and this report helps to assure the same or taking the required action.

3. Agent Break Reports

Of course, agents need breaks to keep their energy up to take calls. However, the break must not be too frequent or too long. Agents must comply to set guidelines. Unusual breaks also result in hampered performance. Thus, call centers must check agent break reports.

4. Average Call Wrap Up Time

Once the call is completed, the agent invests time in writing or selecting the right disposition. Once he finishes this and other related jobs, he shows availability and call routing or call center dialer features of call center software routes the next call to the agent.

The time taken after hanging up call and before showing the availability of call is called call wrap up time. Agents must take minimum time here. Thus, checking call wrap up reports are important. They help supervisors judge whether they are wasting time in this process or not.

5. Abandoned Call Rates

It shows the rates of callers who hang up the call before getting connected with an agent. It shows poor service and performance and may result in loss of business as well. Checking this report helps in taking many vital actions such as:

  • Increasing agents
  • Adding callback for callers that hang up early

6. Agent Reports

In the call centers, performance of agents defines the performance of a call center. Thus, there are multiple reports related to agent productivity and performances are shown. Supervisors must check these reports to measure individual performance and take the required actions.

These 6 reports must be reviewed by supervisors.

A call center also must get a call center solution, which offers these and many other insightful reports such as DialShree. Contact us to know more about it.

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