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Top Things to Focus during COVID 19 Crisis by Call Centers

VoIP solutions April 16, 2020

COVID 19 pandemic is not unknown anymore to anyone. Almost all countries are fighting against this virus and businesses are trying hard to keep their growth rate intact at least, if not growing. We have been working very closely with the call centers as we offer the most advanced call center solution, DialShree.

Based on our immense experience, here are some of the top tips that we would like to share for call centers dealing with the COVID 19 crisis. If you are one of the businesses who are working from home with the cloud call center solution or cloud telephony based BCP (Business Continuity Process), then these tips will be really helpful to you.

1. FCR

First Call Resolution has to be your most vital KPI these days. Regardless of the fact that you are receiving fewer calls or many calls, you have to keep the first call resolution ratio high these days. This may hamper the short call duration KPI, but it will be helpful in making sure the customer does not need to call again and again for the same issue he is facing.

2. Customer Care

Give extra weight on customer care. You may add certain rules or policies to show how you value your customers. For example, if you are a collection company, then you can give some relaxation in the EMIs that need to be collected this month. Do whatever is possible to make sure your customers are happy and feel valued this time because there are many customers that have started cancelling the contracts due to multiple reasons.

3. Short Queue time

This is very important for any call center to keep the call queues shorter. It is possible that because of the pandemic, many customers might be calling in, but it is necessary to attend them quickly and hear them out. Furthermore, giving a satisfactory answer is even more important.

There can be many options to achieve a short queue time, so the customers do not need to stay on the call for quite long. For example, answer all frequently asked questions via IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature so the customer does not need to wait for long. Also, the callback option can be given to the customer if the call queue is quite long. This will also help in shortening the call queues.

4. Prioritization of customers

As mentioned earlier, it is possible that your call center might be facing a spike in the call volume. You might be receiving more calls than you do normally. In such a case, keeping a single call queue might not be a good idea. You must use one of the amazing features available in the advanced call center solution such as DialShree, called, prioritization. You can keep the priority customers in the priority queue, so they can be attended quickly and you can continue gaining business advantage from them.

We have the most advanced call center solution that can help you deal with the pandemic more professionally. Furthermore, we can help you with the cloud call center dialer to access the whole system from the home. For more details, contact us.

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