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Top Tips to Improve First Call Resolution

First Call Resolution (FCR) is one of the important KPIs in the call centers. There are many key performance indicators that define whether the campaigns are successful or not. Thus, it is necessary to work on it.

What is FCR?

It is a key performance indicator that defines the ratio of calls that have given the required resolution in the very first call. It means the customer did not need to wait to get his or her problem gets resolved.

There are many things one can do to improve this KPI. Here are some of the top tips that one can use to improve FCR ratio:

1. Evaluate current FCR

To define the strategy, first, you need to know what your current FCR rate is. Some call center software such as DialShree provides the detail of this ratio in the report section. You can use it to know more about your FCR ratio.

2. Try to know from the customer about their satisfaction

Not an agent, the customer himself or herself can define whether he or she was happy or not. You can use the predictive dialer of the call center solution to run a separate campaign to know whether the customer got FCR or not and whether he or she is actually happy with the services or not.

3. Identify weak areas

To resolve a problem, it is necessary to know the problem. Use reports available in the call center software solution as well as the feedback given by the customers to know the reasons behind the failure. For example, whether there is an issue with the product quality or whether the agent talked professionally or not, etc.

4. Define the solution

Once you get to know what issues are reducing the first call resolution ratio, the next step is to define the solution. For example, if the quality of the product is a common issue faced by all, you need to work in the direction of improving the quality of the product. If your agents are not professional and polite, you need to define a new training program.

5. Execute the defined strategy to increase FCR

Once you are ready with your plan to remove roadblocks that are affecting your performance, you need to execute that plan. Take strategic steps to assure that all your hard work goes on the right path.

6. Train your agents to stick to the plan of FCR

In some call centers, KPIs are different. First Call Resolution and minimum time on the call are two different KPIs. Thus, it is necessary to inform your agents to handle calls by keeping FCR in mind. They should focus on improving this rate.

These are the top 6 tips that one needs to execute to improve the FCR ratio in the call center. The call center solution can be helpful to take the required steps. All you need to do is review, plan, and execute.

DialShree, our call center software, can help you improve the FCR ratio. For more details, contact us.

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