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Traditional Telecommunication Solution vs. Call Center Solution

Call center solutions have been in use by all industries. They are the backbone of many businesses, but still, some people are unaware of their power. We will simplify the difference between traditional telecommunication tools such as a landline phone, Google Meet, Skype, etc., and a call center solution in this article.

Traditional telephony system vs. call center solution


  • Both are used for communication.
  • There can be different modes of communication such as phone calls, video calls, chat, SMS, etc.


Traditional telephony system:

  • To have parallel calls, multiple telecommunication lines need to be bought.
  • It uses PRI lines only to conduct calls.
  • It needs complete hardware and wire-based infrastructure.
  • It is available from some predefined providers only.
  • It doesn’t support special plans for long-distance calls.
  • The only features it has to offer are call hold and retrieve, call mute and un-mute, call forwarding, speed dial, phonebook, three-way conferencing.
  • For different communication channels, different platforms need to be used.

Call center solution:

  • Using a single line, parallel calls can be attended.
  • It uses both, PRI and SIP lines to conduct calls. You can use any of these lines. Please note that SIP lines can make cheaper calls than PRI-based calling. This can reduce communication expenses.
  • The call center software is a web-based application, which does not need any hardware or wires. Earlier, users of this software used to use on-premises servers, which needed wiring and hardware. However, now a cloud hosting model and cloud call center solution are available. It doesn’t need any hardware or wires to use this software.
  • There are many call center software providers across the globe. Likewise, there are several call termination, SIP line, cloud hosting providers worldwide. You are not dependent on some legacy providers.
  • The call center solutions are available with amazing communication and collaboration features along with all features of a traditional telephony system. Some of the amazing features offered by these solutions are advanced call distributors, auto dialers, customer profiling, live dashboards, call forwarding, call transfer, callback scheduling, SMS and voice broadcasting, IVR, soundboard Avatars, disposition bucket, call logs, reports, and many more.
  • An omnichannel call center solution provides different modes of communication within a single platform. It supports voice calls, video calls, SMS, email, chat, Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp as a communication channel.

Which one is better?

A call center solution is more powerful and feature-rich compared to a traditional telecommunication system. It can reduce communication costs and enhance different operations such as customer care, sales, support, collection, etc.

You can get a call center solution by paying the license cost or you can also use a hosted call center solution, which is available at an affordable monthly subscription fee.

For growing businesses, in which, multiple executives communicate with customers and prospects, a call center solution is a better solution than a traditional telephony system. In a business, in which executives have minimum communication with customers at irregular intervals, in other words, communication needs are fewer, the traditional telephony system is enough.

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