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Use Cases of Call Center CRM Integration during the Pandemic

Customer Care June 8, 2020

It’s been a while, but there is still no effective cure or vaccine available to deal with the world novel Coronavirus. Still, millions of people are sick because of this disease, and thousands have lost their lives. Even if the COVID 19 is not really under control in a majority of countries, the governments have started lifting the lockdowns. There are some safety measures advised to stay safe. However, the best safety measure is to avoid going out as much as possible.

There are multiple digital tools, which can be used during this pandemic to work from home and still effectively. Today, we will talk about one of as such tool which is a CRM integrated call center solution. You will learn how you can use call center CRM integration based solutions during this pandemic to keep your business operational.

1. Run lead generation and sales campaigns

Pandemic or no pandemic, an increase in sales is the key to success and it is vital for any business. Thus, each business has to run campaigns to generate leads for new business and convert them into a paying customer. The solution made available with call center CRM integration can be really useful here.

Knowing the prospect’s details and personalizing sales pitch accordingly can help you grab the interest and attention of the prospect. This further helps in generating more sales. Moreover, based on the available information fetched from the CRM system during a live call, agents can also try to generate more sales with cross-selling and upselling.

2. Provide customer support

Providing great customer support is important in any condition, but the world novel Coronavirus pandemic has made it even more crucial. It is necessary to retain existing customers to receive repeat business and revenues. To do so, you need to provide excellent customer services.

Call center CRM integration can be very useful in this condition. Agents can view all information of the customer on the call that needs support to resolve his concerns. This information can be used to give more confident answers to the customers and to delight him with better services.

3. Get closer to your customers and prospects

Call centers can also run different campaigns to consolidate their relationship with customers. By sending a message using voice broadcasting feature or by running a survey with a survey feature available in the call center solution.

Running selfless campaigns to know about the wellbeing of customers can create a feeling of being valued and this helps in building a strong bond with the customer. The survey can also be executed to know more about customers’ likes and dislikes about your offering. The collected information can be used to enhance your offerings as well as add other products to increase sales.

Call center CRM integration offers a more advanced system to delight customers and convinces prospects. During the pandemic, it can be even more useful. We offer call center CRM integration for all different call center solutions and CRM systems. To know more, contact us.

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