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Use the Right Call Center Solution to Evaluate Performance Metrics to Improve Them

The success of any call center business highly depends on the best performance and productivity. To achieve the same, call centers are adopting various methods, and call center software solutions are playing a vital role in it. Therefore, they are striving to have the best call center software implemented.

It makes the selection of the right call center solution a prime task. As usual, the right selection only possible by applying some appropriate criteria or metrics. Thereby, today, I am going to present three vital metrics or call center KPIs to evaluate call center software.

If your call center solution is provisioned with such metrics to evaluate the performance of your call center, it might aid in the improvement of overall revenues and return on investment in the call center.

Metric No.1 - Call Queue Time

If we look at the call center working process, we might find that when a customer makes a call to the call center, the welcome message delivered promptly by an automatic answering machine. After the IVR menu process, the call is directed to the call queue, where the customer has to wait until a human agent is picking it up.

During the call queue waiting period, many customers are abandoning the service if it runs longer than their anticipation. It happens due to delay by the agent attending that call at the individual level. Similarly, if the average call queue time is found high in a call center, it indicates the shortage of agents attending the calls.

To cope with it, the call center has to cut it at the individual level by improving the performance of the individual agent. Similarly, the call center can increase the number of agents when the average call queue time found high.

Now, the question is who can keep constant monitoring over individual call queue time and average call queue time? It is call center software equipped with such facilities that can cut call queue time and enhance the overall performance of the call center.

Metric No.2 - Call Wrap-up Time (CWT)

By concept, call wrap-up time is the time spent by the agent after attending a call to accomplish essential work, called, After Call Work (ACW) on call center system.

During the wrap-up time, agents used to initiate the call wrap-up time code in the system. It provides useful data to measure the call wrap-up time metric/KPI. A slow computing system, incompetent CRM system, and less experienced agents are a few culprits behind the high average of call wrap-up time.

Intentional delays by the individual agent may show high individual call wrap-up time and call center can overcome it by providing appropriate training to the agents so they can accomplish most of the CWT work even during communicating with a customer.

A right call center solution can play a significant role in cutting the call wrap-up time drastically. It improves the average performance and productivity of the call center.

Metric No.3 - Percentage of Call Handled

In a call center, the agents usually are attending calls and accomplishing their tasks actively. If the agent is not attending any call and remains passive on the system by punching a break or using the logout option, the call center notices it and looking for reasoning for the same.

Such monitoring provides the percentage of calls handled by the individual agents as well as the entire call center itself. The high average percentage of calls handled by the call center means more business through high performance and productivity of the agents.

Therefore, call centers try to achieve 100% of productivity by taking essential steps to cut excessive call transfers using appropriate call center software solutions and adequate training to the agents.

The main three metrics out of a big list of criteria to evaluate the performance and productivity of a call center are explained in this article. Our guidance and development of right call center software can help you to hit high performance easily with high ROI.

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