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VICIDial vTiger Integration Guide

Whether we talk about call centers or we talk about non-profit or profit organizations, all can use call center solution and CRM system to gain some amazing benefits. For various reasons, the VICIDial has been one of the most popular call center software.

On the other hand, the vTiger is one of the widely used CRM systems. There are many companies that use both of these solutions and switch back and forth to access different features of these two most powerful solutions involved in lead generation, support and customer care tasks.

What is VICIDial vTiger Integration?

As mentioned earlier, both of these solutions are commonly used in many call centers and companies. The vTiger is perfect for lead and customer management operations and VICIDial is perfect to take care of calling operations. The fact to be noted here is that both of these solutions are used as independent solutions.

The agents and executives switch back and forth between these two solutions. It wastes a lot of time and productive resources. The VICIDial vTiger integration is the solution to these concerns.

The VoIP companies integrate both of these solutions, namely, VICIDial: call center software and vTiger: CRM solution. The integration lets work both of these solutions in a streamlined manner. There can be two different types of provisioning to integrate these systems as briefed below:

Access VICIDial in vTiger

Some companies run a lot of calling campaigns such as call centers. In this case, accessing CRM features within the call center solution is more beneficial. Thus, the VoIP experts of the company will make VICIDial vTiger integration in a way that the lead data stored in the vTiger: CRM system can be accessed within the VICIDial: Call Center Software. It means an agent can view the lead popup fetched from the CRM. He or she can also make changes in the lead record which will be reflected within the CRM solution as well.

Access vTiger in VICIDial

The organizations often not run calling campaigns in a heavy manner. They occasionally use VICIDial to run calling campaigns. This type of organizations uses vTiger more during the operations. Thus, to help them the VoIP experts perform VICIDial vTiger integration in a manner that the call center dialer features of the VICIDial: Call Center Solution can be accessed within the vTiger: CRM solution.

It means a sales rep or business development executive can make a call within the CRM system by clicking on the lead. Once the call is connected, he will see the VICIDial dialer in the CRM screen. The executive can put the call on hold and then pick it back. They can also transfer or forward an ongoing call.

These are the top two approaches available for VICIDial vTiger integration and one can choose based on the business model and tool use.

This integration removes many roadblocks and results in increased productivity, efficiency, customer delight and returns. We offer VICIDial vTiger integration services with personalization. Contact us for more details.

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