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Video Contact Center and Its Advantages

Video contact centers are gaining a lot of popularity. In-person customer support and services are getting emphasized to build a better customer relationship.

What is a video contact center?

A call center that uses a call center solution that supports video chat is a video call center solution. This software will have all features you will find in a contact center solution. Moreover, it will have one-to-one video chat support.

The agents can use this feature to have a video call with the customers. The contact center that uses this type of call center solution and provides video support is often referred to as a video contact center.

What are the major advantages of a video contact center?

There are many advantages of using a video contact center. Some of the major benefits are briefly explained below:

1. Better customer engagement

The video chat option available in a call center solution can be used to fill the gap between a voice call and a physical meeting. It is almost like a physical meeting. The COVID 19 has made virtual calling a new normal. Video calls allow agents to engage customers in a better way with interactive and personalized conversations.

2. Better prospecting

Cold calling is outdated. Video calling is another trend in the sales and lead generation industry. The call center solutions have started offering a video chat option that can be used to divert more results towards sales and lead generation calls.

3. Take advantage of body language

The reason video chat gives better results is that both customers and agents can see each other. This form of calling lets agents see the body language of customers and based on that the call script can be personalized and updated in real-time. For example, if the customer seems uninterested from his body language, the agent can make a quick change in the sales pitch. If a customer looks irritated, the customer support agent can try to give another resolution. There are many advantages of looking at the body language of a customer in improving KPIs and goal conversion.

4. Quick resolution to the issues

The key to increasing customer satisfaction is resolving their concerns as fast as possible. The video contact center has this opportunity better than a contact center that uses a simple call center solution. The video contact center can provide a more interactive medium of communication. The agents can quickly resolve the issues with the demonstration. It is even better when technical support needs to be provided. It is also good in banking processes like KYC verification.

5. Save money and other resources

Many processes can speed up with a video contact center. It can avoid the need of visiting a business or an agent visiting a customer, i.e., for KYC verification. Product demo can be done using a call center solution; no other software would be needed. Likewise, there are many operations that can be done remotely without losing the personal touch to impress customers.

These are the major benefits of video contact centers. There are multiple other advantages one can leverage by adopting video contact centers.

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