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VoIP Softswitch Solution: Facts and Benefits

Softswitch March 6, 2018

A major part of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) innovation, Softswitch is used in order to make an intersection by interfacing the Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs) to the Internet Networks. VoIP Softswitch solution is becoming popular day by day.

Class 4 Softswitches are used from carrier to carrier or between carriers and local office exchanges in order to avoid high costs of long-distance calls through PSTN. On the other hand, Class 5 Softswitches have the ability to route PSTN telephone calls. This makes them the perfect solution that they can offer end users.

The main purpose of VoIP Softswitch is to handle whole parcel convention signals. With Softswitch, you get a lot of features such as security, call steering, reporting and much more. Using the VoIP Softswitch, the telephone calls that you get to make are not only unrivaled, but also available at low costs. It is actually an application that has both charging programming and switch components. Also, it has the ability to pack various correspondence arrangements, such as call, video conference, instant messages as well as voice. It gives a number of different preferences to transporters all over the world.

Here are the key benefits that VoIP Softswitch solution offers to VoIP service providers and ITSP:

1. Versatile

There are a number of functions that can be done on a VoIP Softswitch such as reporting, billing, monitoring and reporting. For increased efficiency, software as well as integrated apps create an extremely comprehensive solution.

2. Pocket-friendly price

Compared to traditional switches, VoIP Softswitches are more budget-friendly. And the best part about them is that you don’t require purchasing any additional hardware. Also, if you want to upgrade through software, you can do that. And compared to purchasing new hardware, this is less costly.

3. Expandable

If you need to add new trunks or extensions, then you can do that easily. All you have to do is buy extensions to expand the facilities of this software application.

4. Scalable

As a software-based solution, you can scale a VoIP Softswitch up as well as down in a relatively easy way. It allows you to start as small as necessary, as it grows with your business. If you want to upgrade, you can do that with ease by upgrading software to support more traffic.

5. Flexible

Well, this is something that you can’t deny. VoIP Softswitches are extremely flexible. This is what makes them the perfect solution for any type of business you have – be it large or small.

6. Billing

This can be regarded as one of the most important benefits that VoIP Softswitch offers. It has billing software that is very accurate. It provides you with the ability to customize invoices as well as call rates for individual users. As you don’t have to do the complex billing task all by yourself, you get a lot of time to improve your core business and make money.

Now that you know how VoIP Softswitch solution can benefit your business, it’s time that you get one and enjoy the benefits. Connect now to know more!

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