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Key Benefits of vTiger CRM Solution for Businesses

Automation in business processes has brought radical changes. It increases efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. The CRM solutions are one of those technological inventions that help businesses in introducing automation in process and leverage a range of business benefits.

vTiger CRM solution is one of the most widely used and appreciated CRM aka Customer Relationship Management Solution. It can be used by any scaled business from SMB to MNC. It is an open source CRM solution with a highly customized nature.

The vTiger Experts can develop custom modules to add additional functionalities in this CRM solution. Furthermore, they can perform customization to make it fit with your business specifics.

The vTiger is an enterprise CRM solution with a modular architecture, which is easy to customize by the vTiger experts to meet your custom requirements. Let’s explore the top 5 key benefits of the vTiger solution:

Open Source Architecture

vTiger is an open source CRM system. This fact bestows many benefits as with any other open source solution. You can tweak the code and also have ownership of it. You can perform vTiger customization to meet your business needs.

Highest Security

The vTiger is developed on top of PHP and MySQL database architecture. It has inbuilt security mechanisms. As it is an open source CRM system, all you need to pay is setup and installation fee or fee for the vTiger customization. For vTiger customization and custom module development, you can take the help of available cost effective vTiger experts or utilize free plug-ins.

Modular Architecture

This enterprise CRM system has a highly modular architecture, which means you can customize the CRM solution at the module level. The vTiger customization can help in streamlining the process of sales, business development and customer relationship nurturing tasks as well as it helps in inserting automation in many sales, business development and lead nurturing activities. The vTiger experts can help you in this journey of effective and efficient usage of CRM and your other resources.


The vTiger CRM system is compatible with different devices, systems, and browsers. Furthermore, it can be installed in a cloud environment or your in-house server. It is easy to use; can be accessed remotely, in real-time and can be installed on any hosting environment. All these benefits and its flexible nature make vTiger a perfect solution for all different organizations.

We, Elisiontec, have benefited many clients with our skills and expertise in the vTiger system. We have amazing vTiger modules which will increase its efficiency and resource utilization up to 80% more. Let’s discuss more in detail. Contact us, NOW!

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