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We Are Happy To Launch Call Center Twitter Integration Service

News September 14, 2020

We are excited to share that we will offer integration of Twitter into our call center solution, DialShree.

DialShree has been empowering various businesses by offering a full-fledged and advanced call center solution. It is also an omnichannel call center software solution. We have been providing integration of multiple communication channels into this software for multiple years.

Social media sites have evidently gained massive popularity as one of the platforms to communicate and collaborate. Therefore, it has become unavoidable to overlook these communication channels. We have been offering integration of Facebook and Twitter to our premium customers for a long. But, now it is time to go global with these channels. We had announced the integration of Facebook in the call center dialer of DialShree before some time and now, we are excited and happy to launch the integration of Twitter into our DialShree call center solution.

Twitter is often used by consumers to ask various questions and show anger in case of concern. They expect a response within an hour or as early as possible. Putting a social media manager to handle Twitter and interactions with that, in addition to, the customer support agents you have can be an expensive affair for your business. Therefore, we have come up with one more communication channel to be integrated into our call center solution, which is Twitter.

Major features available after call center Twitter integration are listed below:

1. Multiple Twitter account management within the dialer

We can integrate more than one Twitter account with our DialShree: call center dialer. An agent can access all Twitter accounts he has access to. It means you can decide which Twitter profiles will be handled by whom.

2. Enforce login to Twitter or make it optional

You can make it mandatory for agents to login to Twitter before accessing the assigned Twitter profiles and to perform other activities. Here, the agent does not need to log in with the credentials of the Twitter profile he is going to manage. He can log in with any Twitter profile. It can be the same as the company profiles he manages or it can be any other account. Regardless of the profile, he logs in, he can manage all Twitter profiles assigned to him.

This step of logging into Twitter can be removed. If it is not made mandatory, the agent can access Twitter profiles without login.

3. Engagement over Twitter

Within the DialShree: call center solution agents can perform various engagement activities such as:

  • Tweet
  • Like a tweet
  • Retweet
  • Share a tweet means retweet that tweet on the profile using which agent is logged in

4. Monitoring Twitter activities

Agents can see the numbers of followers and followings for a specific account. On the other hand, managers can monitor all Twitter activities in the report section of DialShree.

Integration of business or person profile into the call center dialer along with all these and many more features are available to DialShree and our hosted call center solution users. For more details, contact us.

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