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We Delivered Smart Solutions to Agra Smart City

We are glad to announce that we have delivered smart solutions to one more Indian smart city, namely, Agra.

We have already deployed the whole ecosystem made of smart city solutions in Agra. Moreover, designated Agra government departments and all citizens in this smart city have been using these solutions flawlessly.

The Agra smart city uses our smart city solutions for multiple use cases such as spreading awareness about the COVID 19 to citizens by playing an IVR message to providing them the required support during the case of a medical emergency, fire hazard, etc. Citizens can also use the implemented smart solution to share their concerns, feedback, appreciation, etc.

Agra smart city also uses smart city solutions implemented by us, Elision, for internal communication between different departments.

Let us give a brief of two major smart city solutions deployed in the Agra smart city and which are currently in use:

1. IP PBX Solution

Unlike traditional IP PBX software, it is a personalized and feature-rich software. It is providing the required communication and collaboration tool for different departments of this smart city in India.

IP PBX Solution has a wide array of features, which are not available with traditional telephony solutions such as call forwarding from a landline to the mobile phone number, ring group to ring multiple numbers until someone from the group picks up the call, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to play interactive voice messages, etc.

The team members can use it for internal communication as well as to communicate with any external landline or mobile phone number. As in India, rules of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority India) are strict about VoIP usage; we have implemented PRI lines and gateways. This assures compliance with Indian law related to telecom, which is set by TRAI.

2. Call Center Solution

To let citizens or anyone in Agra communicate with the designated departments by calling on a predefined helpline number, we have deployed a call center solution. Unlike a traditional call center software solution, it is completely customized and enhanced to meet the ecosystem of a smart city in India.

This call center solution lets multiple operators take calls in parallel and provide the required support or answers. For example, in the situation of the COVID 19 pandemic, if someone calls to ask for an ambulance, the helpline center will pick up the call via this call center software and will do the needful to send an ambulance to the caller.

This is just an example, from giving an answer to taking complaints, this call center solution can be used for all types of communication between citizens or tourists and the designated government departments in the Agra smart city. Similar to the IP PBX solution, we have also made the required configurations to comply with the TRAI rules to use this call center software and all its features.

We have also performed the required integrations to provide a complete ecosystem of smart city solutions to Agra.

We have provided onsite services to deliver a seamless experience.

Smart city solutions can be used in any smart city or business to empower them. Contact us to know more.

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