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We Have Launched Communication Tools for Banking Industry

We are happy to announce the launch of multiple communication tools for the banking industry. These unified communication tools are available for the FINTech industry. It means any financial or banking service provider companies or organizations can use these tools.

Some of the major FINtech organizations are listed below:

  • Banks
  • Robo-advisors
  • Insuretech
  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • NBFCs (Non-banking Financial Companies)
  • And more

All this can use one or more communication tools for the banking industry.

Let us briefly explain the tools available to the banking industry to enhance and streamline their operations, improve productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and more.

1. Omnichannel contact center solution

Banks and other FINtech organizations often need contact center software with the support of unified communication channels to provide a better customer experience. This solution is also important in assuring fair usage of telecommunication infrastructure in banks by employees. PCI compliance to keep information private and confidential is also necessary and our omnichannel contact center solution does this job at its best.

2. Collection module

We integrate the collection module into the call center solution with call center collection module integration services. The integrated solution can help in enhancing collection campaigns. It can reduce some manual operations that are tedious and repetitive. It can also automate some jobs to save the time of agents and run collection campaigns more efficiently to increase collection.

3. IP PBX solution

The banking staff needs a reliable yet cost-effective means for internal communication and collaboration. Our offered IP PBX solution for the banking industry does the same job with its excellent features. It contributes to consolidated communication and collaboration for banking staff within the same branch or among multiple branches with a multi tenant IP PBX solution.

4. CRM solution

In any banking or financial organization, keeping a complete customer record is necessary. Along with financial history, some other details may also require to keep customers happy and processes accurately. To meet this need of FINTech organizations, we offer a custom CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. This software can be used to store complete information of the customer.

5. Video conferencing solution

Some banks have started supporting video KYC (Know Your Customer) processing. The banks can use our video conferencing solution for KYC verification without requiring the customer to visit the branch. This will add both, convenience and flexibility to the process. This solution can also be used in multiple other jobs such as remote banking services.

Wrap up

These are the five tailor-made communication solutions developed for the banking industry. It can be used by any bank or finance company. We offer it as a suite of software solutions, as well as, we also offer these solutions as independent solutions. All of these solutions are PCI compliant and can also support encryption of information if required. These solutions are highly scalable and secure. We assure 99.99% of uptime for these solutions as we understand the importance of high uptime and service level agreement.

If this interests you, contact us. Let’s discuss your requirements in detail. Contact us.

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