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WebRTC Phone: Features and Benefits

WebRTC August 7, 2018

As an extension of VoIP, WebRTC lets you make phone calls, text chat, video calls as well as Peer to Peer file transfer directly via web browsers.

WebRTC is actually a JavaScript that is made with the intention to establish communication functionality directly in your web browser and it does not require downloading any plugins. This means, you don’t need to download a web conferencing app or a stand-alone softphone.

WebRTC works on all the popular mobile devices as well as web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox and Opera. A WebRTC phone is essential for call centers where there are small cubicles that are made for executives and where desktop as well as other stuffs are kept making it look clumsy.

WebRTC solution is perfect for business with less space. With a WebRTC phone, all an executive has to do is login to their portal and the web phone will pop up in their window.

Some attractive features of WebRTC Solution include:

  • Text-to-speech
  • Global audio conferencing
  • CRM integration via API
  • External transfer
  • Internal transfer
  • Browser abstraction
  • Call queues and much more!

Here are some benefits that WebRTC Phone offers:

Saves cost

You don’t need to pay for hard phones anymore, as all your requirements will be met by WebRTC phone. This is a huge advantage.

Communicate easily

The team leaders as well as agents can communicate easily with WebRTC phone. They get to take advantage of the amazing features quickly that this product offers, which is difficult with the use of IP phones.

Easy configuration

WebRTC phone can be easily integrated into your contact center solution. This lets the agents to login into their CRM and receive or make calls directly from the CRM.

Make use of the space

If you want to increase the productivity of your contact center, use WebRTC phone, as you can utilize it in such a way that in less space more numbers of executives can work comfortably.

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