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What Elements a Cloud Call Center Solution Must Have?

Because of the popularity of cloud call center solution, many vendors have started offering this software. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate various aspects of the software before selecting the one. Usually, the features of the call center dialer related to customer care or lead generation would be the same in the cloud and on-premises software.

However, some elements are different in the cloud solution, which makes it different than its counterpart. To enjoy the benefits of the cloud contact center software, you must look for these elements or ask about the same to your provider.

1. Real-time remote operations

One of the major advantages of a cloud call center solution is remote access. The call centers can let their teamwork remotely.  This also lets companies hire the most skilled agent across the globe. This becomes challenging with an on-premises call center solution. The cloud call center software should not only support remote access of the contact center dialer and other IT tools, but it should also offer secure access to them. Moreover, your software should have live dashboards to let supervisors or admin monitor productivity and other important metrics.

2. Cost benefits

Many people think that a cloud contact center solution is more expensive compared to the on-premises solution, but this is not true. The cloud software gives way more cost benefits than an on-premises solution. The cloud space can be optimized. Moreover, some cloud hosting platforms offer a “Pay as You Go” model, which helps in saving more money on cloud software.

3. Custom integrations

This has become a necessity nowadays. Integration of other software such as IT help desk ticketing solution, CRM software, etc., and other APIs like WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc. are necessary to deliver better customer services. Usually, the contact center solutions support the custom integrations, but you need to make sure with your provider that the integrated call center software will work flawlessly on the cloud.

4. Team collaboration

The cloud call center solution lets teams work remotely. This increases the demand of reliable tools for internal communication. Your call center dialer should have the team collaboration features to support internal collaboration. For example, the Internal Chat feature helps in one to one chat between agents. There should be some more features, which help agents to communicate with each other or their managers.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

Last, but not least, is scalability and flexibility. One of the most popular advantages of a cloud call center solution is its nature of scaling up the number of seats or logo. Your provider should be capable to meet the need of a capacity increase. Moreover, the software should be flexible to move from one cloud platform to another based on your preference.

These are the top 5 elements, which your cloud call center solution should have. There should not be any compromise with this as this is the basic thing.

We, offer cloud call center software as an off-the-shelve solution as well as with a hosted model. Contact us to book a free demo to understand more about the cloud call center software.

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