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What is Customer Journey Mapping and Why is it Important?

Contact Center Solution September 19, 2019

Making customers happy starts with understanding their point of view. Sometimes, while interacting with the brand, the service does not meet expectations. In this case, there is a need for customer journey mapping in a call center solution. To identify these moments, you need to create a customer journey map.

This map allows brands to visually understand the entire customer experience, anticipate problems that can occur at each stage, and ultimately actively find solutions. There are four reasons why a brand should create a customer journey map.

Reasons Why Customer Journey Mapping is Important

Understand Better How Customers Feel

By mapping the customer experience, you can anticipate why customers choose each channel and how they feel at each touchpoint. For example, what can customers expect from your interactions who contact you for services via social media? What is the typical response time of the brand in this situation?

You can use maps to predict customer needs at each step and consider all possible outcomes when interacting with customers. You can also refer to customer feedback and data as available in the reports of the call center software to apply what you have already learned about your actual experience.

Identify Service Gaps

The customer journey map allows brands to identify potential service gaps. What can happen if a customer switches from one channel to another? Can the customer's data be available to the next agent who handles the case? Or the customer has to repeat the information?

You can use this map even in a call center solution to determine how smoothly you can move information and customer mood. There may be problems like insufficient IVR menus, poor communication between agents, or a difficult payment process. All these can be resolved with intelligent call center software and a well-defined customer map.

Offer a Great Customer Experience as an Organization

By identifying service-related issues, the call centers can make overall improvements to address them. Both the customer service team and the sales team can receive additional training and mentoring and can be invited to share their feedback.

It is also important to define clear goals for the entire company and for each department. The better your employees understand what they are trying to do, the more successful everyone in your organization will be. The call center software can help in achieving this.

Promote Brand Growth

Ultimately, a customer journey map can be used in a call center solution to drive brand success. Recognizing before a problem arises; you can avoid the cost of losing customers who can give up your brand. At the same time, an easier experience will attract both new and current customers.

As pointed out by the Aberdeen Group, the financial benefits of mapping are 18 times faster on average sales cycles, 56% more revenue from cross-selling and up-selling, and 3.5 times more from customer referrals.

All brands that claim to accept a customer-centric attitude must be carefully mapped in a solution similar to call center solution. By looking at the company through the eyes of your customers and striving to exceed expectations with a complete experience, you can achieve great success in the long run.

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