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What Solutions Can Be Integrated in a Call Center Software?

VoIP solutions February 27, 2020

Today’s market is very competitive. Of course, call center solutions come with the powerful and never seen before features, but still, using just a call center solution can make it difficult for the call center to bypass competitors.

To create a complete customer journey map and to provide better customer service as well as to improve productivity, companies need to work in that direction. One of the solutions is an integrated call center solution. The integrated call center solution is a call center software solution, which has integrated APIs and solution which would be third party solutions.

The provider of a call center solution provides integration of 3rd party APIs and systems. Once these third party solutions are integrated into the call center solution, then this will work as one of the features of the system.

What solutions can be integrated with a call center software solution?

Now, here comes this million dollar question.

The answer is tricky, it completely depends on the call center software.

If the call center solution is developed in a scalable manner such as our DialShree: Omnichannel call center software solution, then any third party API and solution can be integrated in this call center software. On the other hand, if the call center software is developed very tightly, then it becomes difficult to integrate any other API or solution in it.

Thus, it is necessary to review the scalability aspects of the call center solution when you are thinking to buy the one. In the process of reviewing features of a call center solution, you should also review scalability aspects.

Generally, scalability is only considered as expansion in the number of seats, but no! Scalability also covers some areas of compatibility and flexibility of the solution. You can simply ask that if you need to integrate any third party API or solution, then will it be done easily or not.

Why you need an integrated call center solution?

As mentioned earlier, gone are the days when customers were happy just on the fact that they could talk to an agent to raise their concern. These days, customers want more. They would like to get treated well. They want personalized answers and they want you to keep them on priority.

All these operations are not possible with just a call center software use. You need more. For example, the call center CRM integration helps in catering customers in a personalized manner. Furthermore, these days, people use multiple modes of communication. Thus, they expect to have omnichannel communication support.

Thus, a call center solution needs to be able to get integrated with the social media profiles, WhatsApp, and other communication channels.

End notes

An integrated call center solution offers a powerful tool to call centers and companies. Thus, they must use a scalable system, which is able to integrate any third party solution.

Our DialShree is one of the most scalable omnichannel call center solutions. For more details, contact us.

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