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WhatsApp into Call Center Dialer and Its Major Benefits

Call center solutions are now becoming more advanced in terms of features and functionalities. The primary functionality of a call center solution is to offer reliable communication tools and thus, call center dialers are now adding more and more communication channels in it to offer an omnichannel call center solution to its users.

WhatsApp has gained massive popularity as a communication tool and that is why it is considered as a must have communication channel in any software claim to offer unified communication. Call center solution providers like Elision offer WhatsApp integration in call center dialer.

What is call center WhatsApp integration?

Integrating WhatsApp solution in the call center solutions, so all features of WhatsApp web can be accessed via call center dialer is called call center WhatsApp integration.

This is an add-on and offered to the call centers that want to take advantage of WhatsApp as a communication channel. If you run a call center, then let me share the top benefits of using a call center dialer with WhatsApp:

1. Strengthen business brand

Any business that adopts unique offerings surpasses the competition. Any business thinks about the problems faced by customers and comes up with a solution becomes a favorite brand of customers. The call center industry is not an exception here.

One of the pain points of customers calling to customer care centers is a long hold time in the call queues. It becomes even more painful when customers need to pay per minute to be on the call. Adding WhatsApp communication channel in the call center dialer helps in assuring one thing. Customers no longer need to stay on hold. They can send a WhatsApp message and go back to their routine until the agent is connected. This ease of receiving customer support increases brand popularity amongst users.

2. Reduce expenses

Call center WhatsApp integration is a onetime investment. Then, there is no additional expense to maintain this integration until and unless a call center using it needs further changes in the solution. There is a single number integrated into the call center dialer and all agents can communicate with hundreds of customers with the same number.

The call center does not need to buy multiple business WhatsApp accounts or phone numbers. Furthermore, an agent can handle multiple customers, thus, the cost otherwise invested in increasing seats for a call center solution can be saved further. This is how in multiple ways expenses can be reduced.

3. Increase ROI

Integrating WhatsApp in the call center dialer to provide another channel for communication leverages multiple benefits. Major benefits are listed below:

  • Reduce expenses
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Boost marketing campaign results
  • Improve agent productivity
  • Better resource utilization

These benefits further help in assuring increased sales. This ultimately enhances returns over investment.

We have expertise in call center solutions and all facets of it. We can provide call center WhatsApp integration, so you leverage multiple benefits. Contact us to know more.

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