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WhatsApp Messaging: Necessary Communication Channel in Call Center during Pandemic

VoIP solutions April 30, 2020

Coronavirus spread has proven to be fatal in many countries. Not only lives are hampered, but also the economy is hampered. The governments are focusing on the health of people and it is necessary as well. On the other hand, we, being business people, can focus on the other part that is also getting damaged seriously because of the COVID 19 pandemic.

I am talking about the economy. The businesses need to make decisions and execute to identify the possible opportunities and before that stabilizing the routine workflow must be our focus. We, being one of the leading unified communication provider companies, focus on providing robust, secure, and scalable omnichannel solutions.

We have set up many call centers on the cloud by offering a secure cloud call center solution to our clients. Based on our observation and research, we are going to share some useful tips for you. If you are in the call center industry, you need to know this to gain assured benefits.

WhatsApp is one of the communication channels offered in an omnichannel call center solution. This communication channel is necessary to use during the COVID 19 pandemic. Here is why:

1. Serve customers on the preferred mode of communication

Generally, people call in for their concerns. However, with a shift in human nature due to technology, it has been proved that people love WhatsApp messaging. The call center WhatsApp integration lets your customer not only send messages, but also use rich media such as image share, document share, etc. via WhatsApp message to the agent.

This mode of communication can let you delight your customers by using the mode of communication they prefer. You, too, can share rich media for a quick and enhanced response with the customers.

2. Reduce the stress on agents

Agents are humans as well and they might also feel panic because of the increasing spread of the world novel Coronavirus. Moreover, declining business due to COVID 19 may increase stress and threat to them. You can help relieve stress by letting them work from home with a cloud call center dialer and let them use WhatsApp as one of the communication channels.

At a time, an agent can communicate with more than one customer or prospect and that can help them improve their key performance indicators. This may help them feel secure in terms of the job security. You can also send WhatsApp messages to the agents to keep them motivated while working from home.

3. Keep customers informed with least efforts

Running a calling campaign to inform customers about the ongoing changes because of the changing laws and situations might not be feasible. It may waste a lot of resources. Running a voice broadcasting or SMS broadcasting campaign by using respective call center solution features might be one-way communication and can have repercussions.

Using WhatsApp messaging can help you inform customers in minimum time, plus, have a two-way conversation. This can also delight clients. If you are looking for a cloud call center software, remote work setup for your call center or call center WhatsApp integration, contact us NOW!

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