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When Is the Right Time to Invest in Call Center CRM Integration?

Customer Care August 13, 2020

Call center CRM integration is not new in the industry. There are many call centers and businesses in the world, which are leveraging multiple benefits by using an integrated solution of a call center solution and a CRM software solution. Ideally, all call centers and businesses should use this integrated solution.

However, not all can gain maximum advantages from the integrated solution. Of course, as soon as your agents start using an integrated solution of a call center solution and a CRM system, you will start receiving benefits. Thus, there is no second opinion needed on the question of whether you should invest in call center CRM integration or not. You definitely must. The question is different, when is the right time to invest in call center CRM integration. Let’s reveal.

You can invest in call center CRM integration as soon as you are ready. Any time is the right time. However, there are some conditions, which if you meet, you can leverage more advantages from this integrated solution. Let’s check which these circumstances are:

1. When you have complete information about each customer

Many call centers keep storing customer information and they can indeed leverage many benefits from their investment in call center CRM integration. If you are running a call center and you do not have a habit of storing all customer details, you can run a survey to collect those, so you can get an integrated solution and make the maximum use of it in your favor.

Here, complete information does not mean only their personal details such as name, address, etc. It also means information related to their past concerns, past transaction, payment habits, etc.

2. When you focus on quality over quantity

Call center CRM integration is majorly used to provide more personalized responses to customers and prospects. Thus, if you are not going to focus on that, then it will only help in saving time from juggling between call center solution and CRM software.

To gain maximum benefits, call center needs to change the KPIs and shift the whole focus on goal conversions than focusing on how many leads were contacted or how short average call duration is.

For example, in a call center, which offers customer care services, one needs to change focus KPI from short average call duration to increase First Call Resolution (FCR) Ratio. When you and your call center are ready to adopt this change of mindset or when you can set this goal of quality over quantity, you can invest in call center CRM integration and leverage a plethora of benefits.

3. When you have trained staff to make the right use of tools

Your agents have to be trained to use this integrated solution. Even after call center CRM integration, if they keep using old methods of call handling, you will not be able to receive expected results. Thus, you must train your staff first.

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