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Which Are the Must Use Phrases in a Customer Care Center?

There is a one really useful proverb, called “Words Matter”. What you speak makes a huge impact on someone. In the call center and BPO industry, it is even more important. Whether a call center is offering customer care services or if it runs lead generation campaigns, words matter.

Agents need to know the right phrases to use during each conversation. In a customer care center, this becomes even more important. Customers get upset and furious about the fact that some things are not working as per the expectations. At that time, using the right phrases and be empathetic words is necessary.

We have been offering the best call center solution to customer care centers along with many other industry verticals. Based on our years of experience, we have derived a list of some phrases that agents must use during a call with an upset or angry customer. This will create a positive impression of your call center and customers will feel valued.

1. I will resolve this for you

This statement gives affirmation and assurance to the customer. A customer would feel relaxed with the assurance that the agent will resolve the issue for him.

It is one of the most empathetic and encouraging sentences an agent can use in the call center. This can also be part of a call script mentioned in the call center solution to make sure the agent does not forget to use this sentence.

2. Please allow me some time to look into this

When a customer shares his/ her issues, it is likely that an agent needs to fetch some details and check if it is correct or not or if something can be done to resolve customer concerns. Instead of just saying “let me see” and put customers on hold by using the call hold feature of the cloud call center solution, it is necessary for an agent to be more empathetic and professional.

Asking for some time and permission to check the issue can make customers feel attended and valued. They will find it professional that the agent is not just putting a call on the hold abruptly, but taking permission to do that.

3. I can understand that it is annoying. I ask your apology for the inconvenience caused

Nothing can be as empathetic as getting validation for what you are feeling. The same applies to your customers. When the agent says, he/ she can understand the feeling of the customer and find it apologetic, the customer is likely to find it empathetic and feels good.

4. Let me reconfirm this and please correct me if I am wrong

Restating the issue to make sure the agent has understood it well and the right resolution can be found, it is necessary to reconfirm the issue with the customer. This will also show agents are attentive and are going to work to resolve the issue.

Wrapping up

These are the top empathetic phrases that agents must use to handle customer support calls more professionally. A call center can add all these and other empathetic statements into the call script feature of a call center solution to make it easier for agents to remember and use those empathetic lines.

We offer a call center solution that has a custom call script feature. Moreover, this software has some futuristic and customer care-centric features that can help you improve the results of customer care campaigns. To know more about this call center software and to book a demo, contact us.

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