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Why Call Centers Must Use Data Verification?

VoIP solutions May 28, 2020

Call centers need to deal with massive data in their day to day operations. Each call and each conversation are important in a call center. This is the reason, call centers invest heavily in talented agents and the best call center solution. Furthermore, call centers invest in ongoing training of their team and upgrading their tools and processes.

Do you know call centers can further excel in the performance by using the Data Verification module?

In fact, it is very much important to use it.

Data Verification is an add-on, which can be added to a call center solution. It verifies each lead, specifically, phone number and email address for its existence. It verifies its correctness.

There are many reasons a call center must invest in it, let me share the top reasons in detail.

1. Save resources

The normal process carried out in a call center is, all contacts get added in the call center solution with an auto dialer such as a predictive dialer. The call center dialer attempts to call each number added in the lead list to be contacted. Even if there is a fake number, the call center dialer will try to contact that as well by dialing it.

This will waste the efficiency of the call center software by calling a fake number. If during this time, an agent is free and waiting for the next call, this will waste his time. This way, multiple resources get wasted if call centers call fake numbers or the numbers that are wrong, for example, one digit is missing in a phone number.

By using the Data Verification add-on, all fake numbers can be removed from the lead list. Thus, the call center dialer will only call real numbers, and agents will also be occupied on the live calls. This is how multiple resources can not only be saved, but also better utilized.

2. Define better campaigns

The Data Verification add-on not only offers phone number verification, but it also gives much more information related to it. For example, one can get to know the country, region, country code, international calling format, and international calling possibility, carrier, type of the number such as landline, mobile, or VoIP, and much more information. This information can be used to group these numbers and run more specific and strategic campaigns.

3. To enjoy lifetime benefits in a one-time cost

As mentioned earlier, Data Verification is an add-on for a call center solution. It means one can get it with a one-time cost. Once this add-on is added in the call center software, the call center can verify the phone number and email address on an ongoing basis. Thus, by investing once in it, you can enjoy lifetime benefits.

Data Verification is not just an add-on, but it is a whole functional solution that can be integrated into the call center software to benefit call centers. We have this powerful solution to benefit your call center. To know more about it, contact us.

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