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Why Is a Cloud Contact Center Beneficial for Startup?

All types of contact center solutions are available in the market. Businesses need to select the software depending on multiple factors. To help startup companies in the process of selecting the best call center software, we have represented major facts and important information in this blog post.

The startup companies must use a hosted cloud contact center solution for multiple reasons.

Require zero capital investment

The hosted cloud contact center solutions are available as a rental solution. Thus, it is a perfect call center solution for startup companies. To use this software, the startup does not need to buy the license of the software, which may need huge capital investment. It will also not need startup companies to host the software on the cloud as the call center service provider will bear all expenses related to the hosting of the software.

Require zero investment in maintenance

Any technical product needs maintenance and a call center solution is not an exception here. Moreover, if you use a cloud contact center solution, you will also need to optimize the cloud space to keep the cost of hosting low by using a pay-as-you-go model.

The benefit of cloud contact center software with a hosted model is that all technical aspects get handled by the call center software provider. Thus, the startup company doesn’t need to invest in the optimization of features, hosting, or any other aspects of the software.

Give access to the most advanced call center technology

Startup companies face vicious competition from their already established competitors. Thus, to survive and sustain, they need the best call center software and other tools. Buying an omnichannel call center solution with advanced features needs funds and majorly startup companies don’t have funds on hand.

The hosted cloud contact center solutions offer access to the most advanced call center software that comprises multiple other solutions such as:

  • Omnichannel call center solution
  • Contact center software suite
  • Inbuilt CRM system
  • Call center dialer mobile app for agents
  • Work from Home add-on to support remote work model
  • Inbuilt telco connectivity
  • High availability SLA

All this as a proprietary solution can be very expensive. The advantage of using a hosted platform for a startup company is that all of this is available at a nominal rental cost.

Better scalability

Usually, all call center solutions are highly scalable nowadays. But, the advantage of using cloud contact center software with a hosted model is that it provides instant scalability. For example, within a few hours or days, the software gets scaled up. The hosted solution providers also let you scale down the call center software, which is not possible with an on-premise solution.

In summary, the hosted cloud contact center solution provides the most competitive software access to startup companies with a minimum investment. This can help them compete with major brands and still keep ROI high. Thus, using a hosted cloud contact center solution is beneficial for startup companies.

We provide cloud contact center software with hosted (SAAS) and license-based models. Contact us to book a free demo and explore more details.

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