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Why Is It Necessary to Adopt Work from Home Model for Call Centers Presently?

VoIP solutions May 21, 2020

The whole world is fighting against never thought before the pandemic. The pandemic occurs once in a hundred years or more. It makes everyone clueless and helpless. In this era, when the world is so advanced in technology and science, not finding a cure for the COVID 19 is sad. However, we cannot do much about it. All we need to do is wait for the vaccine and take steps to stay safe and keep others safe.

As an effective solution, many governments are applying lockdowns. On the other hand, some countries have given permission to operate to businesses with predefined strict guidelines. By keeping the present situation in mind, it has become necessary for businesses to move remote and call centers are not an exception.

Generally, call centers work on-premises and there are many reasons to push call centers in an in-house environment. However, by keeping the current situation in mind, it has become necessary for the call centers to adopt the work from home model. If you run a call center and not yet sure to go remote, here are the top 3 reasons to do that.

1. To keep a business running steadily

The situation in all countries varies from time to time. The countries which have controlled the virus completely are now again facing its spread. As per the situation, the government takes steps. For example, some countries have extended lockdowns for months and in some countries, the government removes or relaxes lockdowns and impose it again.

In this type of situation, it is difficult to keep operations running with an in-house call center. Thus, using a call center solution that can be accessed remotely or by moving it to the cloud, one can keep business running. The call center does not need to worry about the relaxed and imposed lockdowns and disruptions caused because of it.

2. To keep everyone safe

COVID 19 is a contagious disease. The virus can live on different surfaces for days. If you run an on-premise call center and if a single person comes to the agent got infected by the Coronavirus, he will infect a majority of the staff members.

Even if you keep all the safety measures, someone may get infected from the locality where he lives or during the commute and infect the rest. Thus, it is better to use a remote call center solution and let agents and supervisors work from home. This helps in keeping everyone safe.

3. To reduce expenses

To run an in-house call center, there is anyways the cost involved in human resource management, infrastructure maintenance, electricity, beverages, etc. In addition, almost all governments have given certain safety guidelines which include the following:

  • Sanitizing the office meticulously regularly
  • Keeping sanitizer and other hygiene precautions
  • Assuring staff wear masks
  • And more

To follow these safety measures, the call centers need to invest even more than the regular expenses. By moving remote, these expenses could be eliminated, plus, you will not be responsible for the safety of the team.

In a nutshell, it is necessary to move remote as the pandemic will not disappear so fast.

If you want to move your call center remote, we can help you. Contact us to know how.

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