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Why Social Media Channels Are Crucial for Call Centers and Their Growth?

In a world where customers get so many options to choose from, it is hard for the businesses to get, and retain the users. For a business to retain a customer, they have to come up with everything that a user is looking for. Customer satisfaction plays a crucial role if you want to succeed as a business.

Especially call centers, where users are typically routed so that an actual human can solve their problems. Call centers need to accept the changing trends to win customer delight. Communicating with the customer and interacting with them helps if you need to provide a solution to their problems.

And what's better than social media? It is the most powerful tool to connect businesses and customers and establish a trustworthy relationship between the two as well. Keeping in mind the following perspectives, social media integration with the call center solution will help achieve better results.


Look around. The world is online and social. If stats are to be believed, around 49% of 300 million Twitter users raise an issue on this platform, expecting the companies to follow. Facebook has 800 million users, out of which 32% follow a brand and 50% of users who follow a brand are more likely to buy from it.

What more? Even 67% of businesses, irrespective of small or large, are active on social media channels. Since the world is fast-paced, everyone prefers to have their queries solved quickly rather than picking up a call and waiting to have their query registered. Social media is just too powerful to ignore.

Customer perspective

If we look a few years back, there was no alternative to a phone if a customer wants to inquire about a service. Technology brought social media and since then the scope has widened. A Facebook user may review a product on the post itself, letting the business, as well as other users, know what's wrong or good about the product.

Users can do so on Twitter as well. The same can be done via mail or sending a fax, but in a fast-paced world, users want the solutions delivered to them as quickly as possible. Email or fax is effective, no doubt, but takes more time as compared to social media channels.

Call center perspective

While it is tiresome for the customers to send and wait for the response over mail or calling to a helpline number, it is equally frustrating for call centers as well. Concatenating information from email, fax, voicemail, and other social channels are yet another problematic situation to deal with.

Integrating social channels with the call center solution helps the call centers to solve queries quickly and bring in customer satisfaction with ease. So much can be done with so little effort. Upgrading to call center software that provides better assistance to customers is a good way to grow your business in a positive direction.

Call center solutions have to be new and advanced to better serve the customers with their queries. Once call centers focus on this, customer delight won't be that difficult to achieve. You can simply get a call center solution integrated with one or more social media platform. We provide call center social media integration services. For more details, contact us.

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