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Why VPN Access to Call Center Solution Is Not the Right Choice for Remote Work?

VoIP solutions July 2, 2020

A majority of call centers are adopting work from home work model similar to many businesses. There are two effective ways to securely access call center solutions from remote locations, so agents and supervisors can work from home.

  1. Access call center solution via VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  2. Use cloud call center solution

Generally, accessing call center software via a VPN sounds like an easy option, but let me tell you, it is not the right thing to do.

Let me explain the top reasons to avoid using VPN access to the call center software:

1. Waste of time

People are adopting remote solutions because of the pandemic faced in the world. Majorly businesses are in ongoing mode and they want to resume the operation earliest possible. Thus, it is necessary for businesses to reduce time overhead. To set up a VPN access to a call center solution, one needs to wait for some weeks unlike using a cloud call center solution that can be up and running within some hours.

Furthermore, you need to train teams to use VPN access to work remotely, and then, agents and managers also need to set up a VPN which would take 30 to 60 minutes at minimum, which further waste significant time.

2. Poor quality of service

In any call center, QoS (Quality of Service) is very important. Customers must not hear degraded voice quality. Also, they should not face call disconnect issues due to bad line. With the VPN based remote solution, unstable connection and poor call quality are often experienced by team members.

3. Scalability issues

Call centers have started working with limited staff even if working from home. Thus, you might start working with some agents and managers on a few campaigns. It means there are fewer members and fewer calls to handle.

However, gradually, you would increase agents as well as calls may get an increase. Here, you need to scale up the capacity of your call center solution. VPN needs to get set up for more users and more calls, it is a time consuming process and you cannot quickly scale up call center capacity which may hamper your business.

4. Waste of money

VPN setup has to be configured by experts only and it is a time consuming job, so it will be expensive to set up a VPN for call center solution access. Moreover, you need to train agents and managers to use it securely which further wastes time on technology training.

Also, the maintenance and operational cost of a VPN based system is quite high compared to a cloud solution which lets you enjoy cost benefits.

5. Temporary investment

As we all know a majority of call centers are adopting work from home model because they want to keep staff safe from the Coronavirus. All resources invested in VPN would be wasted once your resume working on-premises when the Coronavirus gets under control. Thus, investment in VPN would be wasted.

Thus, instead of investing in a VPN, you better get a work from home add-on, a call center dialer mobile app, or a cloud call center solution. Contact us to know more.

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