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Wrap Up Time, Its Importance, and Tips to Improve this KPI

Due to the increasing importance of customer satisfaction, call centers have been investing in the best call center technology and skilled agents. Additionally, call centers invest in resources to keep improving agents’ productivity to ensure customers get attended and the resolutions get delivered instantly.

Call wrap uptime is one of the roadblocks, which reduce agent productivity. Therefore, call centers should consider it an important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) and invest in improving it. In this blog, we will share more details on the wrap-up time and tips to improve it.

What is call wrap up time?

Call wrap-up time is the time agent takes after completing a call and before taking the next call by showing “Availability” status to the call center dialer software.

Usually, agents invest time in administrative tasks such as filling the disposition of the call, making manual entries, etc.

Call wrap up time = Total call duration – Total talk time – Total call hold time

You can get the average value by dividing the total call wrap up value by the total number of calls.

Why call wrap-up time is important?

Administrative tasks are important for sure, but it should not take long. If call wrap-up time is high, it means that much time is not used in taking calls, which directly hampers the total productivity and performance. It also increases the waiting time in the call queue.

All in all, improving average call wrap-up time KPI is necessary to ensure the highest agent productivity, but it should not take a toll on the quality of administrative work.

How to improve call wrap up time?

As now you understand the importance of reducing the total call wrap-up time to improve productivity and performance, let us share easy to apply and useful tips for it.

Use automation features

A call center solution offers various automation features to save the time of agents to handle customer calls. There are some features available for the post-call jobs, which can help in reducing call wrap uptime. For example, the disposition bucket shows all commonly used disposition messages. The agents just need to select the one. These features can also be added to other call center solutions. For example, with VICIDial customization, we integrate the disposition bucket and other add-ons.

Train agents for post-call jobs

Each call center has different administrative jobs. An agent should be completely trained to handle these jobs and make it quick. Along with providing them the software, they should also be trained to use those tools effectively to save time.

Make sure your call center solution is simple to use

Your call center software should be easy to use. If it is complex and needs multiple steps, then it would take a lot of time to handle the administrative tasks by the agents. Thus, make sure your agents are comfortable and confident with the software.

These are the top tips, which any call center can apply to improve the value of average call wrap-up time.

We offer a call center solution, which has various features to automate post-call jobs along with other tasks to keep agents available to handle complex customer calls. This software is also available with rental models. Contact us for a detailed discussion.

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